10 Ways To Promote Your Real Estate Business Through Offline Marketing

real estate offline marketing
1. Promotional Items
Canvas bags, coffee mugs, and logo t-shirts, with your company’s name presented in bold lettering, can help your business get to the front of the pack. Hand out these promotional items next time you’re out and about running errands or at the grocer, or even when you head out get a haircut. Offer free writing pads, sticky notes, pencils and pens with your info imprinted on them; distribute these items to local businesses, restaurants, office complexes and more. Take care that you have covered every area you visit a lot.

2. Direct Mail & Flyers
Although pinning flyers on an already crowded board is probably not the best way to promote your business, there are, however, many other ways to distribute your adverts. Leave flyers at homes with a “for sale by owner” sign out front, or at your doctor’s office, dentist, and hair stylist; virtually anywhere you visit on a regular basis. When it comes to direct-mail advertising, make sure that you target individuals who may be on the market to buy or sell their property. The key is to place your flyers and mail your adverts in places where many, diverse sets of people will see them. Mailing your promotions and listings to previous clients is also a great idea, as word-of-mouth can go a long way.

3. Promote on the Radio
Promoting your real estate business on the radio, particularly one targets adults in the late 20’s and 30’s, will ensure that you’re reaching an audience that will be looking to buy a home. Occasionally you may not find a radio show that is geared toward your audience, however, promoting yourself in any genre or age group still provides the opportunity to reach people by word-of-mouth.

4. Sponsor or Host an Event
Hosting or supporting another group organizing a local event, if possible, one that will compliment your business, will go a long way in advertising your business and building a rapport with your community. Nevertheless, even the event you host or sponsor is unrelated to your real estate business, it’s never a bad idea to get your name out there as long as the event is community-based and supportive, as well as tasteful.

5. Networking Offline
Sway new acquaintances by using your social skills and impressive real estate business cards. Pass out your business cards to those you meet at conferences, luncheons, and business trips for your industry. However, make sure to hand them personally out; never placing them on tables or chairs choose your receivers wisely as to not waste your time, money or business cards. Think about writing them a personal message, letting them know how nice it was to meet them.

6. Car Magnet Signs
It’s always a great idea to use car signs to advertise your real estate company. Clear, vibrant signs with your telephone number in large print will be easy to see when other drivers pass by. Avoid too much, or busy graphics, as that will take away from the message. By simple including your logo, business name, and your phone number and or email address, you’ll be surprised at how well car signs will aid in your marketing campaign.

7. Billboard Advertising
Everyone looks at billboards, especially eye-catching, colorful, even funny billboards. Consider renting a billboard for a few month, and make sure to include vibrant colors and interesting content on the display. Even words like “stop” can grab the attention of travelers. They key is to get your face, name, logo in their mind, so that when they’re ready to purchase or sell, they’ll remember your name.

8. Balloons
The easiest of all, logo balloons. Colorful, balloons in front of your open house or either to hand out to children with their parents at the bank is always a fun marketing strategy. Include your logo, number and email so that the parents will have access to your contact information. The great thing about balloons is no child is going to refuse one, and the parents are usually inclined to accept.

9. Emerge as the Local Area Expert
Just telling everyone that you’re the expert means nothing as you actually have to be the expert. Be in-the-know by visiting each and every potential house for sale in the community. Be familiar with all of the floor plans; be aware of each listing . Really know what has sold and for just how much. Find out about the local HOA, the educational institutions, along with the locations of every the recreational or park area as well as information about the local businesses. Knowing all of these things and more will help you to be familiar with your market. Whenever you communicate with a potential buyer or seller, you will now be on top of your game which enables you to visualize their property or the home of their dreams before even starting an area search.

10. Attend or Host Local Meet-and-Greets
With business cards in hand, attend or host local meet-ups. Not only do people love mixers, but they are also a great opportunity for you to meet and socialize with new people. Networking casually, keeping the business talk to a minimum, pass out your cards to people you meet.

Real estate agents sold houses way before the internet, so the key is to open your mind to more community-inspired events and promotion techniques. Meeting people face to face, and offering people something tangible, like a flyer, hat, t-shirt, or handwritten letter can go a long way in promoting your brand.

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