3 Most Common Marketing Blunders

When building your brand and planning out your marketing campaigns, it’s crucial to your success that you actually build your brand and not knock it down. There are many ways to market and advertise your real estate listings. However, some tactics should be left at the roadside.

real estate marketing mistakes

Below you’ll find 3 of the Most Common Blunders that must be avoided in real estate marketing.

Blunder #1: Attempting to Serve Everybody
Having too wide of a target audience can be the most common marketing blunder you can ever make. In an effort to get noticed in the market, you have to be specific with which group of the society you’re going after; narrow-down you niche.

You really need to look at your marketing campaign a completely different way: focus on just how well you’re planning on serving specific buyers or sellers you may be going after. By concentrating on a particular group, such as first-time homebuyers or vacation homes, you’ll have the ability to serve them more effectively as well as have a far more profound effect on their life.

Blunder # 2: Don’t Stoop Low
Whenever your sales are slow, don’t freak out and begin to pressure your agents or team members to increase sales, and never stoop to unattractive sales tactics in order to make a buck. When you do this, you’re lowering your reputation and putting too much pressure on the ones that are trying to help you become successful.

Real estate agents can usually venture out and easily say what that want to say. However, the key is to make sure that what you are saying is enticing and not a desperate attempt to earn a sale. The task of marketing and advertising is always to provide a sales pitch that’s efficient.

Ensure that your sales materials are crystal clear and consistent with your particular market. Your presentation, flyers, website, and other types of real estate marketing tools must all convey the same brand message.

Blunder #3: Your Website Should Read as A Brand, not A Sales Ad
If your website showcases only what you have done or praises your success, you’re losing out on an enormous opportunity to connect with potential clients.

The biggest blunder that agencies commit again and again is when they focus more than they should on their company– rather than on the issues and demands of the people they are really trying to reach.

Everything needs to be lined up to display what type of agency you run and precisely what your company can offer.
Rules to Live By!

  • Get specific on who your target client is.
  • Consistently communicate with actual clients and build your campaign on what they tell you they want.
  • Correspond with buyers and sellers on a one-on-one way level, and make your potential clients feel understood.

A lot of the time, business schools will only concentrate on Fortune-500 models for advertising and marketing lessons, and they don’t provide us a clear-cut picture of how to communicate with real-life clients. These schools are also decades behind with regards to internet marketing, and don’t usually offer any real guidance for the way that real estate agents should promote their listings or their business.

If you’re dedicated to establishing a first-class real estate business, be ready to sit back and learn the advantages of marketing and advertising to real people.

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