3 Reasons to Advertise Listings in A Monthly Newsletter

In today’s real estate market, it more important than ever to remain current and to keep a close relationship with your past, present and potential clients. Writing a monthly newsletter and incorporating your listings will ensure that they are always in the know.

Even your past clients can present you with an excellent opportunity for referrals. Sending out these newsletters with the listings that you have available will allow them to have quick access when showing friends and family who may be on the market to buy or sell a home.

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Keeping your newsletters light-at- heart, yet professional and direct can be a tricky combination. The key is to balance the information you provide in a way that make it easy and fun to read. Providing pertinent information related to your listings and then mixing it with some guidelines and tricks-of-the-trade, can virtually guarantee that your newsletters will be a success.

Below you will find three benefits to sending out a monthly newsletter with your current listings:

1. Referrals
Not only can a newsletter provide tips and advice to your buyers, but also can supply them the opportunity to see a fresh and up-to-date notification of the listings that you have available. No matter whether these letters are going out to old or possible clients, almost everyone, at some time or another, knows of someone who is or may be on the market to purchase a home. Sending out the friendly, professional, and content rich newsletters ensures that you brand (you) is always fresh on their mind. Keeping them informed ensures that even if they are not looking, they will pass along the information that you’ve provided—transforming into a referral.

2. Credibility
Your real estate brand is important to you, and by emailing or snail mailing out monthly newsletters you gain respectability and credibility. Your newsletter recipients will gain trust in you and your consistency and you’ll develop a reputation for professionalism, consistency and dependability (they will begin to expect these newsletters).

When you blend important advice and homeowner tips into your monthly real estate listings newsletters, you substantially increase your authority. Although active clients will want to view a list of current home for sale in the area, your other readers will appreciate the project recommendations and other homeowner content.

3. Trust
Trust: Probably the most significant purpose of a monthly newsletter that incorporates your listings. You may ask how a newsletter can develop trust in your brand, but it does, and here’s how:

  • Your newsletters, when full of relevant and useful information, can cultivate a trust in your knowledge and abilities.
  • Providing your readers with new listings can prove that you stay onto of things and that you are continuously in-the-know. With that in mind, you’re recipients will begin to value and respect your abilities.

Overall, the key is to provide a monthly newsletter that integrates valuable and useful information. Although your listings should take the front seat, make sure to include personalized content, such as a recipe or a list of DIY tips, etc. Including tidbits of interesting material can ensure that your readers will open the email every time. Another tip is to incorporate a list of monthly birthday shout-outs and graduation and birth announcements. Your newsletter recipients will enjoy these personal touches of entertaining news.

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