3 Reasons why Real Estate Agents use Print Marketing

It’s easy to forget that not everyone uses the Internet to market their products and services. No, traditional print is still alive and well in plenty of industries. Think about it, when checking the mail or opening up a newspaper, one will see plenty of print advertisements directed towards them. While true, some consumers don’t know why this is the case. But, here are three reasons why real estate agents use print traditional marketing.

real estate agent print marketing

Easy to access buyers and sellers: When using the Internet, radio or television advertisements, one will struggle to reach a captive market. For starters, with these other methods, one will have a hard time reaching people who have a true interest in the product. This is easy to understand as most people are not in the market for a house. Whether an 80-year-old person or a 15-year-old person watches television or listens to the radio, he or she probably has little interest in buying or selling a home. However, with print advertisement, including brochures one can reach clients without struggle or worry as they can access the right market without wasting time or money on people who have no interest in real estate.

Inexpensive: Now, when running an online campaign, one will have to pay upwards of 10 dollars a click as Google AdWords is not cheap. At the same time, when using radio or television airtime, one will waste a lot of money to reach thousands of potential customers who probably have little interest in real estate. This cost will add up quickly, and it can cause a real estate company to waste plenty of cash on advertisements that simply don’t work. Remember, it’s not cheap to reach out to people, and print advertising is the way to go if an agent wants to reach out to people without breaking the bank. Sadly, many won’t follow this advice, and they will waste tens of thousands of dollars on an Internet or television adverting campaign that will not bring in the desired results.

A local market: Finally, a real estate agent will struggle to find buyers if he or she uses outdated methods to find clients. Sadly, with the Internet and other forms of advertising, one may not reach a local market all the time. This causes problems as a real estate agent will find bad leads. Not only that, just as importantly, when reaching out to people outside the city or state, a real estate agent is going to flush money down the toilet. Instead, with print advertising, one can reach potential clients who live in the area. In fact, not only can one advertise in local publications, but it’s possible to send out flyers and mail to people in the area. Then, when planned well, a real estate agent can watch as his or her conversion rates fly. Furthermore, once an agent finds his or her sweet spot, they can make their campaign better by sending out their print ads to the right market and area of the city or state.

Without a doubt, a smart real estate agent must consider every possible method to bring in new clients. When ignoring print, one will lose out on potential clients. Luckily, when investing in print advertisements, an agent will make more money without wasting his or her time.

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