4 Reasons to Use Custom Banners, Balloons, and Signs at Open Houses

Increase your brand recognition each and every time that you host your open house by placing eye-popping, customized balloons, banners, signage and other visuals. By inserting your brand or logo on these vibrant advertisement aids, you imprint your name or logo on their mind for future reference.

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1. Custom signs increase your open house attendance.
Using customized signs for promoting an open house giveaways for stopping in or simply to draw the eye of the drive-bys can significantly increase your turnout, upping the ante–selling your listing much quicker. For instance, if you’re hosting your open house within a golf community, you can use pointer signage to invite the community into the home for a chance to win 18 holes of golf. You can also use the custom sign, with your branding, to offer other free items such as, movie tickets, dinner for two, and so on, in an effort to entice these potential buyers into the home. You can also use custom signage to offer a listing of local area homes for sale or a list of foreclosure in the area. No matter which technique you use to pull in the traffic, your open house will be a success with customized signage. Custom signs are a small investment for the possibility of selling your home faster, and reaching a broader audience.

2. Customized balloons are colorful, eye-catching and an entertaining way of sending home your business card.
The more potential buyers that you can attract, the higher your chances of snagging a qualified buyer. Consider using custom balloons at your next open house. Customized real estate balloons are a dominant approach to attracting the attention of families and in turn prospective buyers for your open house. Whether you’re hosting an event or an open house, you can advertise your realty brand all over the communities that you’re serving. By customizing real estate balloons, you’re creating a colorful, attention-grabbing business card. You can include your realty agency logo in combination with your slogan and a phone number. Passer-Byers will notice the vibrant display, and you can also hand them out to neighborhood children to carry home to their parents. Customized balloons can provide the most crucial promotional branding influence that you choose.

3. Use customizable banners for your open houses and real estate events.
Attract the attention of people around the corner, down the street, and by everyone in viewing distance with vibrant for sale and open house real estate banners. Custom real estate signs are available in a vast array of sizes and host of striking colors. You can hang custom real estate banners from the front door, above the awning, or anywhere noticeable to the public. From feather banners to broad, long overhang banners, you can easily be position them along sidewalks, in front yards, or on buildings to drive the traffic to your listing. Full-color banners can increase your open house turnouts or event attendance and can be positioned inside the property in order to provide your potential buyers with easy-to-read images and descriptions of the property rooms. Customizable vinyl banners include more noticeable pictures, logos, and stylish color blends, and placing your contact information in large, colorful, bold lettering will provide your potentials an easier opportunity to make contact with you.

4. For optimal results and attendance to your event or open house, use all three abovementioned.
Combining customized balloons, signage and banners are the ultimate approaches to reeling in the potential buyers. Customized inflatables, big bright signs with large letter banners can not only lure in buyers but when done right, can provide credibility and likeability to you and your brand. Integrating these three marketing techniques will ensure that one-way-or-another, your logo, name, and listing will be noticed.

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