5 Killer Real Estate Marketing Ideas

5 Killer Real Estate Marketing StrategiesAs you ascend to the upper echelon of real estate agents in your area of expertise, you have no doubt realized just how competitive the industry has become. There are plenty of talented agents out there trying to make the deals that will put them at the top. As you think about how you can become and/or maintain your place as a high-performing agent, there is one reality you must face. You need marketing strategies that will give you a consistent advantage.

Developing Online Marketing Strategies
Most buyers and sellers appreciate seeing a new marketing approaches. By using your experience and imagination to come up with creative marketing strategies that feel fresh and new, you will catch the eye of people who are tired of seeing the same old approaches and marketing materials. As you start thinking about creative ways to market yourself and the properties you represent, you need to stay focused on one important reality. This is the 21st century and technology is your friend. By using technology to your advantage, you can efficiently reach people you never thought would be possible to reach.5 Killer Real Estate Marketing Strategies
To get you started with the process of coming up with fresh marketing ideas, here are five possible strategies that might be worth your consideration. If nothing else, one of these strategies might lead you try something more original.
Grow your Email
1. Grow Your Use of Email – Using email might sound like long-standing conventional marketing technique, but it still stands as the best way to reach out to past, current and prospective clients. The problem is it tends to get neglected. You can make it fresh and new by finding news ways to incorporate marketing materials into the emails. The secret to getting your emails opened is using a short, to-the-point, catchy subject lines. You can also include value-added information about decorating, home improvements that increase the home’s value or landscaping tips. If you divide your contacts based on meaningful demographics, you can use targeted marketing materials that will be relevant. Also, the more personalized you can make your emails, the more effective they will be at motivating the recipients to act.2. Build Your Referral Business – Real estate agents consistently claim that referrals are responsible for generating as much a 75% of the business they land. That’s a big number that shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Satisfied customers are almost always willing to lend a hand. The key is finding a place for your clients to make their referrals. An automated referral program linked to your website should do the trick. Through the use of a survey form, your clients could be presented with the opportunity to include a referral.

Get your house on instagram3. Using Instagram – There are over 450 million users currently subscribed to instagram. That’s a lot of potential clients. By posting photos of some of the amazing properties you represent, you can effectively market the properties as well as yourself and the types of properties you typically list. By using “geotags,” you can target your photos to people who are currently living in or wanting to relocate to a specified area. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

4. Hire a Marketing Firm – Far too often, small business owners avoid hiring a professional marketing firm due to the perceived costs. What they forget to consider is the cost of the time they have to invest to create marketing programs on their own. The truth is a professionally developed marketing program will pay for itself from the potential business it generates. Your profit will be the extra time you have to show properties and canvas neighborhoods.

Market Apparel with Visual Content5. Visual Marketing – There are a few ways to go about visual marketing. Traditional signs, banners, and business cards are a great way. They are often apparent attempts at advertising and while any realtor should carry business cards there are other ways to visually market. By wearing apparel, drinking from coffee mugs,  etc with the logo of your Real Estate firm you are subliminally advertising in your everyday life in the most subtle of ways. Someone looking for a real estate agent might approach you at your kid’s soccer game, in the coffee shop, or at the grocery store simply because you are branding yourself through your apparel–making your status as a realtor known. And if a potential customer isn’t ready to make contact just yet, at least they will have seen your logo around enough times to remember your company when it comes time to buy or sell!

The universe of marketing ideas is only limited by your willingness to develop them. If you want to create advantages for yourself as a real estate agent, it’s up to you to put on the thinking cap and create unique ideas that will inspire the masses to buy or sell.

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