6 Types Of Content To Use On Your Real Estate Blog

When it comes to writing content for your real estate blog, you’ll want to provide your readers with a mix of fun facts and interesting, entertaining tips and information.

blog topics for real estate agents

1. Buying & Selling 101
A great topic of interest – The how to’s on buying and selling real estate in your area. First, it’s important to keep the article about your specific area; this helps to target your audience.

The next thing to focus on is instructing the buyer or the seller on the importance of finding a seasoned, reputable real estate agent. Explain how difficult working on their own can be, and then showcase what the agent can help them to achieve.

Finally, give them details about your current local market and let your readers know how to navigate through the current conditions.

2. Things to Do in Your Area
Give your readers a virtual tour of the area. Let them in on the best shopping in town. Let them know where to find the best deals on clothing, home goods, or where to go for home improvement projects.

Next, let your readers in on the area’s best restaurants. You can even go as far as to list menus of area dining locations, and give your audience tips where to eat and when.

You can also provide your readers with information about area schools and colleges, and then offer them details about the employment opportunities.

3. Debunk Real Estate Myths
Write out a detailed numbered list of the top real estate myths and then provide your readers with the facts. People are always interested in these types of articles as they love learning how myths came-to-be and the history of these fables or folktales.

Make sure that your myth content is not run-of-the-mill, find interesting facts about your particular area and then present your readers with the highlights.

4. Best Apps for Buyers & Sellers
A truly must-have in the age of smartphones – Apps. There are a ton apps available for download, and providing your viewers with a “Top 20” list is an excellent way to boost your blog’s rankings with search engines.

Do the work by searching through the apps yourself, and then researching the facts. Which apps work the best for finding homes and which ones are better for sellers? The key is to give your readers a top (X) list; giving them a countdown to your number one.

5. Cheapest Homes on the Market (include photos)
Even if the reader is not currently on the market for a home, the “Cheapest Homes” list is attention grabbers, especially when you include photos. Make sure you give specifics; photos, locations, size, age and so on.

It’s imperative that you keep your list centered on your region. In doing so, your readers will be targeted, and potential buyers will be interested in your area.

No matter if the home is tiny or doesn’t have much to offer, it’s crucial that you include all of the most inexpensive homes on your list. Whether it’s the novelty of the information or a buyer is looking for investment property, you need to give them the absolute cheapest homes on your local market.

6. Most Luxurious Homes on the Market (include photos)
Everyone loves to look at luxury home listings; even if they can’t afford them. Giving your readers a virtual tour of the area gated community homes or even mansions up-for-sale is a great way to get them to your blog.

A crucial component to your luxury list is to include photos and a ton of details. Let your readers envision themselves in the home and lure them into the home with specifics.

Chances are; you’ll get target readers who can afford these upscale properties. Make sure that you incorporate your contact information in the most natural way possible. Slip your agency’s name into the article once or twice, and then always include a call-to-action at the conclusion of your blog article.

Feel free to chime in below if you have any other types of content ideas to increase your real estate marketing efforts.

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