7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Successful Realtors

7 Social media tips for marketing for successful realtors
As a realtor in this day and age, you can’t hope to grow your business without an active social media presence. Even if you steer clear of social media in your personal life or are even a bit intimidated by it, it’s something you have to master if you want to attract clients and provide the best service possible. Setting up profiles on popular social media sites is merely the first step; if you don’t actually use them–and use them properly–you’re wasting your time. Without further ado, here are some of our top tips for marketing your real estate business on social media.


Keep these tips in mind to establish the most effective social media presence for your real estate business:

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Successful Realtors

1. Diversify Your Social Media Presence Don't Limit Social Media Presence to One Platform

At the very least, you probably already have Facebook and Twitter profiles. Don’t stop there. Set up profiles on sites like Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest too. Google+ may seem like a ghost town, but having an established page for your business helps it rank higher on Google. Use Pinterest to share photos of properties that you’re marketing. Instagram can be used in a similar fashion.


2. Search for Opportunities

Don’t wait for people to reach out to you. Instead, perform searches on sites like Twitter for people who are actively looking to buy or sell homes in your area. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all offer easy to use ad campaigns that can be implemented in your local area and target customers. It’s easier to set up than you think!


3. Ask Questions

ask questions and build relationships

It pays to post fairly often on social media channels, but you need to do it correctly. Simply stating facts is unlikely to elicit much of a response. Instead, ask questions! This tends to grab people’s attention and compels them to respond. Be sure to respond back. Nothing garners loyalty like building a genuine relationship with your potential clients.


4. Encourage People to Like and Share Your Profile

All too often, realtors merely mention their Facebook or Twitter accounts to clients without giving any further details or directions. Make things easier by not only asking people to like or follow your business, but by telling them how and why to do so. For example, on your website, have a prominent link to your Facebook profile embedded in a comment like, “Click here to get answers to your real estate questions on Facebook!”


5. Share Videos and Photos Images and Videos Account for 87% of online engagement

The Internet is a very visual medium, so it pays to share images and videos with your followers. Your videos don’t have to be professional-grade. Have a friend film you explaining various real estate topics, or post a weekly video where you answer followers’ questions. Share photos of properties that you are currently trying to sell, and occasionally share more personal photos to show people that you are an everyday person too.


6. Be Sincere

Social media is not the place to be robotic or too formal. People won’t want to follow you if they feel like you are putting on an act, so be yourself. Let down your guard a little and let people see your personality. Just make sure your personality is displayed within the boundaries of what potential clients may consider appropriate, i.e., avoid judgmental remarks or foul language!


7. Surprise PeopleGain Followers by Hosting Contests and Giveaways

From time to time, post contests and other specials where people can enter to win gift cards to local businesses and other goodies. It’s amazing how many more followers you will accrue by doing this occasionally. Even a simple $10 gift card can be enough to entice people to click the “follow” button, so start planning some specials now.


If you keep these tips in mind as your manage and grow your online profile, you will quickly see how a strong social media presence can result in monetary success. Check out things you should be sure to avoid while posting on your social media pages here!

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