A RED Day: Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

A RED Day: Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is the “dedicating of ones time to provide goods or a service for others without expectation of monetary gain.” While most of us are familiar with that concept and see the obvious benefits for those we provide service to, there are many other valuable aspects to volunteering.

Join the cause may 12, 2016

This year Keller Williams Realty proudly hosts another annual day of servitude. This day is a wildly successful and rewarding tradition called KW RED Day. Keller Williams not only asks its employees, but also employee families, friends, and even strangers, to put aside their normal day-to-day routine and give back. RED Day, on May 12, 2016 this year, is all about serving and giving back to your community. Here’s how that same service is going to give back to you as well:



1. KW REDDAY Inspiration Close to Home WhoCanYouBeARoleModelFor

 Have you ever watched a child play pretend? Have you wondered who they are imitating? Children learn much of their future behaviors and social development through observation and imitation. While there is no shortage of negative behaviors to witness (just turn on the TV), it’s harder to find impactful positive behaviors. Insert volunteer work.

By having your child come along and actively participate in the volunteer work, it’s not likely a lesson they will forget anytime soon. And it doesn’t have to be only your children that you make an impact on. Take your nieces and nephews or even the neighborhood kids across the street and watch how powerful a positive role model can be

Make it Exciting: Get them really involved and excited for the upcoming volunteer work: make signs together and post them around your neighborhood to spread the word and recruit more volunteers, give them stickers or buttons to wear proudly, or even matching shirts to make them feel like they’re part of a team. Whatever you do, wear proudly.


2. Make Connections

    GetOthersInvolvedKWRedDay16        Being active in your upcoming volunteer work often means you are inspired to get others involved as well. Patrol the neighborhood to find those who would be willing to donate goods or their time to your cause. And while you’re doing this, meet some great people along the way!

Don’t forget to contact local businesses: grocery stores, restaurants, boutiques, and other shops to see if they are able to donate to the cause. If it’s appropriate and you’re comfortable doing so, you may even solicit their staff to participate and extend the spread of servitude in your community! As a bonus, most managers and owners are actively involved in the giving away of goods or services, so this quickly becomes another way to establish a great relationship that you can reach out to again for future events


3. Better Health

Volunteer for your Health RED DayHarvard believes that volunteering is beneficial to your health. There are many studies that have shown volunteering helps people feel more socially connected and important. Feeling like you are an integral part of your community wards off both depression and loneliness.

A more recent study from Carnegie Mellon University just released data that found volunteering not only was beneficial to the volunteer’s mental health but to their physical health as well. People who regularly give their time are shown to have lower blood pressure and longer lifespan. Who would’ve thought! Volunteer work seems to increase activity in people who may not have otherwise been active. Not to mention giving to others seems to greatly relieve stress. Eliminating stress is a great way to better one’s physical and mental health.


4. Pay It Forward Movement–the RED day way!

Kindness International Language Kindness begets kindness. The pay it forward movement can pop up anywhere and present itself as anything. Take for example the Starbucks pay it forward movement that extended more than 3 days and over 1,000 customers paying for the coffee of the person behind them. Or the incredibly touching commercial launched by a Thai communication company that will make even the toughest person shed a tear and think more about the power of giving.

By volunteering you can be the start of your very own pay it forward movement. Everything and everyone you touch with your actions is a reflection of the ripple effect that is pay it forward. Watch how you can greatly impact your entire community for the better.


ARedStore is motivated and touched by all the powerful pay it forward actions by everyday heroes such as you. In an 100 Red Store RED Day Giftcardeffort to start our own ripple affect, we would love to see you share pictures of your KW RED Day actions on social media. WEAR RED! And make sure we don’t miss your photos by using the hashtag #KWREDDAYARS.


We will choose one photo using that hashtag that inspired us the most and give the owner of that photo a $100 gift card to ARedStore, an official vendor of Keller Williams!

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