Bad Practices to Avoid During Real Estate Networking Events

Large events are the perfect opportunity for brokers, real estate agents, and firms to get leads. Furthermore, events are a great way to expand your network, no matter the size of your company.

Unfortunately, these larger events present an opportunity for some agents to make the mistake of overdoing it, or attempting to get themselves noticed in not-so-reputable way.

dos and dont's  During Real Estate Networking Events

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid bad publicity. The tips and tricks below can help you to make a positive, productive impression—presenting a chance for you to network with people who can help drive your marketing campaign.

DO -Targeting
Go in each event with a good strategy, ensuring that every move you make will produce a result. Your goal is to not just make friends with people, but to target individuals who will benefit your campaign the most. You should strive to be both friendly and courteous, while out seeking out the people who you can potentially help you advance in your industry.

DON’T -Leave Family or Friends at Home
Big events are an opportunity. When you bring along friends or family you’ll be less likely to mingle and create associations; feeling obligated to oblige and entertain your guest instead of networking people who will help further your career. You’re are these events to socialize and meet new people, so bringing a pal to one of these networking events will ultimately close doors instead of opening them.

DON’T Be Intimidated
Intimidation and hesitation are your number one enemy at an event for networking. In order for you to be successful, you have to dismiss fear and doubt–channeling your internal self-confidence. If, at any time, you feel intimidated, keep in mind that it’s ok to be nervous, but how you respond will make all of the difference. Below are some tricks for avoiding the intimidation:

Inhale and exhale; keep calm and exude confidence, whether you feel that way or not. Understand that even the most confident people there, are still nervous sometimes, and have actually learned to “fake it” until they feel self-assured. Everyone has the same end-goal in mind, so remember that you’re feeling of intimidation is normal.

Avoid small talk about personal things, just because you are feeling nervous. Keep conversations easy and follow the lead of others. If they’re smiling and happy–you do the same. Keep an optimistic frame of mind. Remember, these events are to help, but they’re not a job interview for you, but maybe a chance to increase your revenue through networking opportunities.

Have a strategy and set goals. Before you go to the event, make some mental notes about what your goals are and what your expectations are for the event. If you know that you are looking to gain, then you’ll know which ones can benefit you more. Consider setting a goal to meet a particular person or a specific numbers or people for future contacts.

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