Best Practices When You Interview a Real Estate Agent

When it comes to interviewing a real estate agent, you’ll want to avoid certain statements and questions. Just like anything, courtesy goes both ways, and, even though, your agent should be accustomed to a diverse clientele, there are some things you just want to steer clear of.

how to interview real estate agents

Listed here are the best practices and what to avoid when you interview a real estate agent:
In order to receive you must give, and when it comes to loyalty, the line goes both ways. When you ask a real estate agent for assistance, you should realize that they will be spending a great deal time, expense, and effort carrying you around negotiating deals on your behalf. The exchange for their dedication is for you to sign an agreement; enabling them to represent your best interests, officially.

Avoid The “Don’t” Pitfalls
Don’t call me after 8pm; Don’t show my home when I’m not there; Don’t call me on weekends; these, Don’ts actually dampen your chances and prevent the agent from properly representing you in your real estate goals. You cannot tie the agent’s hands and then ask them why the process is slowing down. As a buyer or seller, you’ll have to be willing to put in the effort as well; allowing your agent to do the best job possible. The Don’t Pitfalls will put the brakes on your real estate dreams, so you’ll want to learn how to say yes a little more often than not.

Get a Pre-Approval Before Your Search
Most reputable agents will not work with a buyer without knowing they have some pre-qualifications. Why? Well, the answer if fairly simple: without a guarantee to financing, you’re a risk. What risk you ask? Well, the agent is investing their time and money into you, and, therefore, the agent needs something to go on. How much of a home can you afford? Without a pre-approval from a lender, you nor your agent will have a clue on your budget. With that in mind, it makes the whole process much more complicated when you’re not sure which houses you can buy and which ones are out of your reach. It just makes more sense to get the details upfront; this saves you time and your agent.

Always Turn To YOUR Agent For Questions Or Showings
If you’ve signed a contract with an agent, it’s a binding contract, and you always want to work with a Realtor, Agent, or Broker who knows your situation through and through. When you branch out to view a home from someone who is not your agent, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. It’s crucial to your success that you always ask your agent for advice and ask them to show you homes. Even if another agent is selling a home, your agent is the one to show it to you. An uninvolved agent, without having access to your file, will not understand your needs or have a clue about your budgeting requirements.

Don’t Ask For Free Advice Unless It’s Your Mother Or Best Friend
The saying “time is money,” well that is also true of experience and knowledge, so you have to pay to play. Even if you’re thinking a selling your home “by owner”, you have to understand that these agents had to go to school and spend countless hours and expense to gain their licenses and training. When you intend to sell your home on your own, then you need to do the research. However, it is highly recommended that you enlist a professional, as the process is not only complicated, but without knowing any better, you may cost yourself a ton of money and heartache. Just makes more sense to lean on someone who will know what to do in every real estate transaction.

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