Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2015

Search Engine Optimization
Consider starting a blog–one that focuses solely on your area. Give your blog readers an inside look on living, dining, raising children, shopping, socializing, working and playing in your area. Not every blog post should focus solely on your real estate push. Appealing content will lure the reader in and will entertain as well as educate them on the area you serve.

Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2015

Concentrate on content advertising, which provides information that is handy or interesting, and this can lead to the sales of tomorrow. Offer your followers tips and tricks for navigating the process, and maybe how-to information on understanding their credit report. Write a sparkling review of your popular restaurants in the area or area hiking trails. Answer the questions you most hear from your clients on this blog.

Once a year, offer a reduction to your commissions, allowing potential new clients the opportunity to work with you. Consider offering a home-staging session for a reduced price, luring them to your business and increasing the opportunity for broadening your audience. Through making these offers a one-time, or limited-time basis, you play on the exclusiveness of your particular services — and Groupon shoppers will not want to miss out on the limited opportunity.

Great Giveaways
Take care that your advertising promotion gifts and prizes are appealing, and something that potential clients makes actually want. Small items like pens, pencils, and other related promotional items area –dime-a-dozen. Ensure that your freebies are clever and an interesting way to promote yourself. Picking items such as; kitchen devices, phone accessories, small and handy tools will increase the impression you leave upon the recipient of your promotional gift.

Reinvent Open House Events
Alter your method of running open house events by holding an evening event or late a.m. brunches on the Saturdays or Sundays. Consider using less conventional locations where ordinary people spend the majority of their time etc., a gym, food web sites, local and online clubs and forums and announce the event at these online and offline locations. Offer hot chocolate and s’mores stations for the kids to keep occupied while their parents tour the home.

Annual BBQ or Earth Roast
Clients past, present, and future; appreciate events that are thrown to offer thanks. Offer door prizes, coupons to local restaurants and incentive gifts to entice the community to participate. Ask local car enthusiast to host a car show to bring out an even broader audience to the event. Make sure to print your logo and brand on napkins, cups, and other material to advertise your real estate business. People love free food and prizes; holding an event like this annually, will build your rapport with the public and your neighbors.

Make sure that your current marketing tactics are out-of-the-box. Be fearless with your approach and involve the kids. 2015 could be your rock-star year, so open up your mind to more unique and interesting techniques of marketing your realty business this coming year.

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