The Best Real Estate Print Marketing Strategies

In today’s digital age, many real estate agents focus their marketing efforts on their business websites and tend to neglect print marketing. Having an extensive and client-friendly website is important because it’s often the first place new home buyers go to check the current listings a given realtor is offering for sale. Print marketing is still the source of a real estate agent’s basic information.

Most clients get realtors’ names and website addresses from a flyer, front yard sign, business card or similar print material. Fewer print marketing efforts translate into fewer prospective clients finding a real estate agent’s website in the first place. The following strategies can jump-start an excellent real estate print marketing campaign.

print marketing strategy

Focus on the Client
Many real estate agents make the mistake of adding lengthy personal biographies and similar information that has nothing to do with helping clients find the right property. Realtors’ print brochures should keep this background information briefer and limited to professional backgrounds. This tactic has been proven more effective at instilling new buyers’ confidence.

Describe the Area’s Lifestyle
This section of realtors’ print materials allows for some creativity and the chance to illustrate how a particular community’s lifestyle is an excellent one. Home buyers in general are interested in more than available houses. They want to know about attractions, activities and other points of interest close to their new neighborhoods. Describing some unique attributes about a given community’s lifestyle will cause new clients to stop and read through a realtors’ print material in more depth.

Create Solutions to Clients’ Problems
One of the best general marketing tactics is to describe common problems clients face and then describe how given services offer solutions. Assisting home buyers with property searches is one of the best offered services a real estate agent can offer, since the amount of information can become cumbersome to remember in detail. Other topics to add to this print material include tips for home upkeep, ideas for getting organized after moving into a new home and how to get off on the right foot with the home owners’ association.

A strong real estate print marketing strategy focuses on the needs of the clients and presents the lifestyle of a neighborhood with concise, appealing language. Layouts should also allow interested buyers to get the information they need quickly by scanning the pages. Other factors to consider for a good print marketing strategy include the types of materials to be printed, the existing print marketing budget and the locations a realtor plans to hand out the print materials.

For real estate agents who want to improve their print marketing approach, a common tactic is to use a corporate package. This set of real estate marketing materials includes a set of press clippings, a flyer, a brochure and a concise letter of introduction from the real estate agent. This kind of print material package gives clients all the information they need in one place and facilitates their keeping a realtors’ marketing materials organized.

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