Closing Gifts: A Suggestion or a Must?

closing gifts suggestion or must

After closing a real estate deal, real estate agents often breathe a sigh of relief for a job well-done. However, as the most astute real estate agents already know, the full selling process is still far from over. If you are wondering what is left to be done, the answer is further cultivating the relationship with your clients, the buyer and/or seller.

The Follow-Up

more than a check

After investing a significant amount and time and effort dealing with your clients to get their deal done, they will usually appreciate some assurance that it wasn’t just about the money. You can show you are fully-vested in their welfare by taking some simple steps that could serve as meaningful followup measures. As a business person, you can surely understand the importance of maintaining these relationships because of the possibility of referrals and other future direct real estate transaction opportunities.First, you need to contact all affiliated parties and make sure they are satisfied with the outcome. If there are any outstanding issues that need to be addressed, that is best handled sooner rather than later. By initiating contact, you are indicating your concern goes beyond cashing a commission check.

Another great way to cultivate these relationships is by sending an appropriate and thoughtful closing gift. While this might sound a bit cliche, you should consider it a “must do.” Your clients placed a great deal of confidence in your abilities by using your services. In the end, they rewarded you with a significant commission. It is indeed a grand gesture to show your appreciation for their trust by sending them a closing gift that will serve as a symbol of a successful interaction.

Future Benefits of Closing Giftsbuild relationships

Intuitively, people are loyal to those they appreciate and admire. Sending a thoughtful closing gift is an act reserved for classy real estate agents who understand the importance of a client’s loyalty both in the present and well into the future. With the right kind of gift, you can effectively secure a client for life so long as the services you rendered met or exceeded their expectations. If that be the case, a “thank you” is a great way to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. You may not owe your client a closing gift, but you owe it to yourself as a top notch real estate agent to do what’s best for your future in the industry.

Future benefits can be derived in several ways. The most important of these ways is from referrals your clients might give you. Direct referrals are an acknowledgement of your competence as a agent and your worth as a person. That’s quite a compliment to get from someone who used to be a stranger. If you give a prominent gift with branding, you might get indirect referrals from strangers who noted your kindness sitting on a coffee table or hanging on the door. Finally, your efforts might be rewarded the next time your clients decide to buy or sell a home. When you realize the personal rewards and possible financial rewards that you could receive for doing the right thing, you can begin to see why doing the right thing is a must.

Suggested Gifts

coffee lovers closing gift

If you are going to put forth the time, effort and money to send a closing gift, you should also take enough time to make it personal, not generic. By the time a transaction has closed, you should have some insight into the tastes and likes of your clients. You can use that information to show your clients you were paying attention. Among the useful items that would make a nice gift are merchant gift cards to help with the decorating process, a night out on the town or concert tickets, branding glasses or silverware for the house or customized address stamps reflecting the new address. The important thing is that you keep their interests at the forefront but don’t be afraid to mix your own branding in there.

         Use custom personalized “Thank You” cards that when displayed will be free household advertising. Clients who are parents will appreciate a sweet touch with their children so consider branded balloons attached to a neat little toy. Perhaps if they are coffee lovers secure some delicious grinds, a gift card to a favorite coffee spot, and a nice french press or even fancier espresso or coffee machine. And in that bundle include a nice mug with your logo or brand on it so every morning when they drink out of it they think about you, your services, and your nice closing gift!  If you want to go a little overboard, a nice weekend in Las Vegas or a quiet getaway spot might be in order — with some of your realty office’s travel gear. The combinations of their interest and yours are endless, but keep in mind at the end of the day it is all about them!

Remember, this is your best chance to say “thank you for entrusting me with helping you find your new home.” You should do this for your clients as well as for yourself and the business you represent.

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