Cost-Effective Print Marketing Tips

Print marketing is an important and extremely powerful method of marketing. Promoting a business is costly, but the following print marketing tips were compiled with a tight budget in mind.

Cost-Effective Real Estate Print Marketing Tips

Signs are diverse because they can be displayed at any size and at any location desired. Busy intersections offer boundless opportunities in the way of local business marketing, as well as government campaign marketing and others. A sign as small as two foot wide only needs one glance from a driver to deliver a business owner’s exact message. Even when the driver doesn’t stop, chances are that he’ll glance at the small sign in passing and absorb the contents easily. Signs are also simple and available. They’re very cost effective and they can be purchased by and displayed to anyone.

Flyers are an invaluable direct marketing tool. With a few co-workers and a few handfuls of flyers, a local business owner can quickly spread his brand-logo and his image. What’s more effective is that flyers can be targeted with pinpoint accuracy through direct-mail. Sending flyers through direct mail offers multiple advantages. Ninety-two percent of young shoppers prefer flyers in the mail according to Brian Morris at Digital Marketing Ramblings; a site that, contrary to the name, contains statistics concerning print marketing. Flyers can be distributed to specific demographics for maximum efficiency, and they can be distributed with great consistency.

Bumper Stickers & Auto Decals
Bumper stickers and auto decals provide a very unique situation. They’re inexpensive to produce in bulk, comparatively, but more important than the price by itself, the value is also outstanding. This is because bumper stickers and auto decals travel with the consumer for a very long time after being applied to the vehicle. Auto stickers are also unique because they keep promoting regardless of who owns the car or who drives the car. Clothing stickers are equally important in alternative situations. Shirt stickers are helpful at small and large gatherings, as well as at large conventions. This greatly promotes an image or brand.

Letterheads promote a company’s image very effectively. As well as being inexpensive, a letterhead is easy to maintain. Personalizing the direct-order materials with the brand and a letterhead promotes the company and adds to the professionalism of the marketing material. It’s well known that consumers feel comforted by the security that a larger company can provide. Letterheads and other professional attributes that can be added to one’s marketing scheme often convey the image that one’s business is larger than it actually is. Since marketing is all about perceived images, this is a very powerful marketing tool.

Business Cards
Business cards are both diverse and versatile, and many argue that they offer the best return for the money. Business cards can be immensely customized with various fonts, colors, lay-out schemes, and gloss and metallic finishes, and can be distributed with accuracy and little effort. For businesses offering a service, leaving a business card after each job is common and greatly boosts company reputation. The compact size of a business card means that they can be easily displayed on store countertops, underneath windshield wiper blades, in store and vehicle windows, and can be stored in a wallet, making them convenient to carry and easier to pass out.

In closing, print marketing provides a traditional and extremely effective marketing method to business owners and promoters in general, alike.

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