Five Essential Habits of Successful Realtors

5 Essential Habits of Successful Realtor


Five Essential Habits of Successful Realtors

 As the real estate market continues to change, successful realtors know how to adapt to that change. Successful agents understand that the change includes adapting a new personal style, continuing their education, developing a new network in a new neighborhood, or it may include dressing down based on the habits or their customers.

Therefore, in order to succeed as a realtor, you must learn essential habits that will help you transform your real estate career, and the best place to learn those habits are from realtors who are already successful. Here is a list of five proven habits from highly successful real estate agents:


1. Developing Strong Customer Service HabitsCustomer service skills need to be 5 star

Although it should go without saying, but successful realtors never underestimate the power of good customer service. The client’s best interests must come above all things in the real estate industry. Realtors who consistently make over $100,000 a year in commissions never discount what good customer service means in the industry. If you plan on succeeding in the industry, you must develop strong customer service skills.


2. Strong Technology Skills Scores Strong Commissions

In order to develop a strong network and build a sound marketing strategy in the real estate industry, you must be up-to-date on the latest technology. Just owning a smartphone, tablet or laptop does not guarantee your success in real estate. You really have to know how they work. The internet, mobile applications and Millennials in all actually, often influence real estate prices. The ability to instantly access comparables in your neighborhood and discuss those comparables and what they mean with your client goes a long way toward your bottom line. Not to mention it does not hurt the client’s perception of your customer service abilities.


3. Meet New People

Make Your Connections EverywhereWhether it is in church or at the local fast food restaurant, successful realtors continually market themselves and meet new people. Realtors who succeed in the business never turn down an opportunity to talk about the real estate market. If you do not meet new people, and you do not engage people, you can certainly expect to find a limited amount of people who want to use your real estate services. Keep your business cards on hand no matter where you go or no matter what you do, and that includes the kids’ soccer game or a quick trip to the convenience store. Essentially, you are trying to find leads any way possible.


4. Getting to Know Your Neighborhood Intimately

New realtors often fail to develop an innate relationship with their potential selling neighborhoods. If a prospective lead asks a question about a specific neighborhood and the current market conditions, you should have an immediate answer. You must establish yourself as an expert on your neighborhood, and your client will gain more trust and confidence in your ability to provide the results they require.


5. Develop the Habit of “Showing Your Work”

Explain your steps and show your workLearn to explain every possible scenario to your client, including potential roadblocks that could hinder the deal. If clients know you are on top of every aspect of their transaction, you can expect repeat business or great referrals. Let the client know exactly what you are doing and the type of work you are putting into the deal. Whether you’ve listed the client’s property for sale, or you are helping a couple buy their first home, show them your work.




It takes time to develop effective habits that help you succeed in the real estate market. Over time, you will find that effective habits occur naturally. However, you must harness those skills before they become second nature. Once the habits are natural instinct, you might find yourself in the upper echelon of realtors in your area.

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