How to get Real Estate Leads Using Print Marketing

Realtor Print MarketingThe Internet has replaced many forms of advertising for real estate professionals. But there still some tried and true avenues of print marketing that will generate leads that will help you increase sales and closings.

Real estate companies and their representatives can take advantage of a number of print marketing programs to promote themselves, prospect to gain new leads, remain in touch with clients and to market the properties they are trying to sell.

These types of opportunities are not exclusive to traditional business cards and yard signs. Creative techniques will help the real estate professional brand their images and lead to becoming the agent buyers and sellers will want to handle their business.

The most important thing to remember when marketing to generate new leads is to remain in touch with old clients, according to All other marketing techniques and strategies take a backseat to talking to someone who you already have done business with. Many successful real estate agents stay in touch or contact former clients with postcards and newsletters through direct mail campaigns.

Direct mail

This form of communication is often overlooked in the digital age. Successful agents realize the importance of a direct mail campaign to integrate their online strategy and online brand. The importance of a direct mail campaign cannot be overstated because unlike an email, which might never be seen, each individual piece of direct mail has to be handled and delivered to a potential customer.

Make sure your direct mail message “pops” or stands out. Remember that most people get many emails that they never open. Similarly, people get a lot of junk mail, so try to make sure your mailing dazzles and is eye-catchy.

Postcard marketing

This avenue of print marketing is one that has proven over the years to work very well to generate new leads. Real estate experts know they can showcase a property and its amenities in a concise form that will make the property sizzle. Some real estate professionals use postcard marketing to self-promote with family pictures and even recipes. The idea of providing a recipe is extremely effective because it gives the client a reason to keep the postcard, even if they are not in the market at this time to list or buy.

Picture of the real estate agent and family promote the idea of home and being close-knit, two factors that comfort buyers and sellers and help the agent earn trust and respect.

Be sure to time your print marketing campaign properly and target your message to the proper audience. A postcard about an open house should arrive at its destination in plenty of time so your potential client will have time to plan.

Special occasions

When compiling and updating a database of past clients and potential clients, it’s a good idea to stay in contact at least six to eight times a year, including birthdays and anniversaries. This is an especially critical time for your print marketing program to kick in.

Many real estate experts agree that print marketing campaigns to generate more leads might be more costly than email campaigns, but all agree that if these efforts are well designed and correctly targeted, the results will be well worth the cost.

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