“Give to Get” Real Estate Marketing Plan

give to get real estate marketing planFree and now are two of the most powerful words in the English language. Marketers have used them forever. BOGO advertisements are everywhere, and they are usually linked to a call to action that says it is a limited opportunity, so the buyer must respond now.

Give-to-get marketing uses a similar approach. Give-to-get marketing is more subtle and more sophisticated. It really does deliver something of value that costs the responder nothing, and while it may use deadlines they are not mandatory. Fewer people are currently in the market to buy or sell real estate compared to those who will be, so deadlines are less valuable to the real estate marketer.

The Value of Give-to-Get Marketing

Relationships with realtors

Buying and selling real estate can be lengthy, complex and costly. Clients want to work with a Realtor who meets one or more criteria. They choose a Realtor whom they know, like, trust or respect. Those qualities are about human relationships. Relationships take time to grow. When a Realtor gives useful information to potential clients, they get to be liked, trusted and respected in return. The relationship grows, and when the person is ready to buy or sell, the choice of Realtor is obvious.

Developing the Plan

All successful plans follow an effective model. This model is one you can take, modify and deploy.
1. Set End Goals: End Goals are to do with the number of ready, willing and able clients you want to build relationships with.
2. Set Performance Goals: These define the type and quality of what you will give. Will you offer free reports, white papers, newsletters, blog articles, or webinars? Will you offer all of them? How will you make those things valuable to each market segment?
3. Set Process Goals: These give you your actions. They also establish how often you will perform each action. In this article we will only discuss one action; the Keller Williams business cards you will design and hand out.
4. List Actions: When you have your goals clear, you must do what you set out to do. Perform your pre-determined actions to the pre-determined quality and with the pre-determined frequency.

Marketing with Keller Williams Business Cards

keller williams arsYour Keller Williams business card plan will also begin with goals.
1. End Goal: The number of relationships you are going to start.
2. Performance Goals: The design quality you will use to appeal to each market segment using the most appropriate Keller Williams business card templates. You will also set performance goals for your elevator pitch to maximize the number of positive responses.
3.Process Goals: The number of each type of card you will give out, and how many you will give out in your chosen time frame.

Card Marketing Strategy

1. You will give things that are valuable to each market segment so that each person wants to follow you. The more they know, like, trust and respect you, the greater the likelihood that they will become your clients and advocates.
2. Decide what each market segment values the most, and then give it to them. Buyers and sellers value knowledge, shortcuts, clever ideas, unique ideas, and secrets that will save them time, hassle and money. They also value ideas that may make them money in the future.
3. Decide how you will give that information to your market segments. Will they download a simple list, a comprehensive report, or will you mail them a book? Will they attend a recorded webinar or join you at a live seminar?
4. Create and build your website. Give each market segment its own landing page, so people go straight to what they value the most.
5. Design your custom Keller Williams business cards with each landing page’s URL. This URL becomes the basis of each elevator pitch.
6. The Keller Williams business card templates enable you to design perfectly-aimed messages to each market segment telling them what they will get when they click that URL link.
7. Give out the cards, and ask each recipient how many more cards they would like, so they can give them to their friends and neighbors.
8. Order more cards overnight as you need them.

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