Higher Conversion Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Most seasoned real estate agents now know that your online presence is essential to success or failure as it pertains to generating new leads and clients for your business. With that in mind, it’s crucial that you stay on top of marketing trends and ideas in order to see high conversion rates.Higher Conversion Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Listed below are some helpful tips and ideas on how to boost your online real estate business and thereby improve the results of your online marketing.

Apply Reactive Website Design Functions

Thanks to the continuous surge of website guests now making use of mobile technology, the demand for mobile-friendly websites has become very important. For this reason, a quick to respond website design is essential for your business’s success.

Simply put, response or “quick-to-respond” means that your website loads quickly and that your website’s links are easy to navigate throughout the entire site. No matter the user’s browser or screen size, your real estate website should adjust automatically to ensure the visitor gets a full view of the contents inside. This normally suggests that a website with a simple design on a desktop computer is going to be viewable, in the same format, regardless of whether the user is on a tablet, smartphone or laptop.

Reports indicate that a responsive web design will offer you a higher conversion rate, which in turn will increase your sales. Google, currently the largest search engine, has even changed their search algorithm to rank responsively designed websites higher than non-responsive sites. This could dramatically affect your web traffic, especially if you are in a highly competitive market. Not to mention that your clients and prospects will appreciate the ease and accessibility of your web pages, no matter the device they use to access them.

Generate Localized and Targeted Content

Generate targeted content

Coming up with content material that is useful to both buyers and sellers is extremely important if you want your website to be a hit. Real estate clients often devote a great deal of time and effort to exploring the selling and buying process, particularly if they are purchasing their first property.

Along with taking care of the fundamentals, you’ll also need to devote a certain amount of time and money into producing content for the areas that you or your agency covers. Whether it’s accommodating those who are relocating to a new area or those who are looking to buy a house for their growing family, your content should be aimed at attracting the people in your area. If your site provides reliable, informative content on specific focus areas, prospects that fall into those target areas will trust your site as a useful resource, and you’ll likely see business increase because of it.

Spice-up Your Emails

email marketing

Use pictures in your emails. Regardless of the length of the email, it’s important to give the recipient some sort of visual; if not, you’ll quickly lose their interest. Even if the content is compelling, you will still lose some readers. In a generation of microwaves, fast food, live streaming, and Amazon-one-hour-deliver, our attention spans are about as long as a toothpick. With that in mind, visuals help to draw the recipient in, encouraging them to engage.

Automated Marketing: Content & Sourcing

Whenever you’re making an email newsletter or exchanging content with people on your social networks, devising subjects to write about and items to discuss can be difficult, especially on an ongoing basis. Your email subscribers will want to receive informative and interesting content, not a sales pitch or long, drawn-out paragraphs about something boring. Keep your newsletters and correspondences light-at-heart when you can.

When it comes to automated scripting for your real estate email marketing campaign, there are numerous programs and sites that can make the process much simpler. Some online businesses will even provide you with the entire script and send it out for you. Do the research and find an automated system that will work best for your specific needs.

The same rules that apply to emails also apply when you’re sharing new content on your social network pages and blogs– the information should be helpful and the article should be easy-to-follow and interesting.

Up Your Posts on Twitter and FacebookFacebook Twitter Real Estate


Every week, and once a day if possible, you should share something with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Whether it’s simple house-buying tricks or pictures of gorgeous mansions, make sure that you offer your viewers interesting content that requires a response.

Higher conversion comes from engaging and entertaining your audience. While that universally applies across most industries, it is especially relevant to buying and selling houses. Discover what your average buyer is looking for and create content that applies to this demographic.

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