How are Real Estate Agents Marketing Now

The method by which real estate agents are marketing their business these days is ever-changing, but the primary goal and methods are virtually the same—they’re just used online more than in-person. Below you’ll find some tips, tricks and advice on how real estate marketing works now in comparison to the days before Facebook and Twitter.

real estate marketing tips

Transfer Your Email Contact to Your Facebook Page
If you’re a savvy real estate agent, then chances are you have a Facebook business page, but perhaps you’re not using your company page on Facebook to its full potential. You can give out the best advice, or list the most beautiful homes for sale everyday, but if you don’t have followers —or in the case of Facebook — then you’re not marketing to your highest potential. One of the best, yet least used features is the capability of inviting your email contacts to join your Facebook business page. Now you can just transfer your contacts over from your email to your Facebook, and then invite each of them to “like” your page. Building your audience is virtually a sure-fire way of dredging up potential clients.

Newsletters for Email & Social Media
Instead of sending out annoying call-to-action emails on a regular basis, consider changing over to a newsletter format. Sending these newsletters to your friends, family and clientele is a great way to keep the communication flowing, and you’re sure to be fresh in their mind when they’re in need of an agent. Share interesting and useful information on your social media pages in an effort to keep your reader interested. And, be sure to send the newsletters only about once a month and as frequently as once a week; any more than this will become more of a spamming issue, and the interest is lost. Once you’ve shared interesting information, whether on a personal or professional level, share links at the bottom or the side of your current listings or special promos.

Share Funny, Interesting and Non-Real Estate Related Content
Sharing is vital to your marketing strategy for online social media. However, you’ll gain more likes if you share comical, interesting facts and photos as well. Sharing your listings is great, but you need to keep your readers/likers interested in your content. Plus, if you share something that people like, they’re more likely to share it with others—greatly increasing your “like” potential. Of course, it’s essential that you keep these comedic pics and quotes as rated-g as possible, to ensure that your reputation as a professional remains intact. But sharing the fun stuff will draw them in, and you’ll be surprised how fast you following will increase.

Ask Friends, Family, Clients and Social Media Followers for Referrals
Asking for a referral is probably one of the easiest ways to gain more potential customers. Simply asking is fine, but consider offering small, interesting gifts for those who refer. On your social media page, provide coupon links, recipe links and other prizes to those who refer, and maybe even a gift card to a large retailer for ones who refer the most. Making the referral a contest can increase you likes online, and even with your person-to-person referrals.

In the end, the new ways of marketing are similar to the ones that have always worked. Even before the internet, people loved funny, interesting news articles, and enjoyed free gifts for easy referrals. Simply integrating your tried-and-true marketing schemes into online advertising, will ensure that you remain current and up-to-date on your techniques and potential for new clientele.

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