How Keller Williams Business Cards Can Kick-Start Your Real Estate Business

When it comes to finalising the details of your new business, you’ll probably want to begin the process of building a marketing campaign.Whether this campaign will include social network advertising or Google Ads, it’s important to start with what many consider to be the basic essentials– business cards.

However, business cards are not just a way to provide your contact information to associates, other businesses, and potential clients. Business cards can help you kick-start your company from out of the gate.

Keller Williams Business Card
Keller Williams Business Cards

Using Your Keller Williams Business Card As A Marketing Tool

You can take a simple business card and turn it into a ton of campaigns–online and offline.

Take a look at the list below to find out just how to use your business card as a kick-start for your business:

  1. Free Lunch: Offer free lunch to those who bring in a business card when looking to sell or buy a house. Whether you announce this campaign online or locally, or even both (good option), people love freebies. Place your cards around town and print the details onto a flyer to attach to the cards.
  2. Name Game: Offer cash, whether 20.00 or a percentage of a sale, to ones who write their name on the back of your card and hand it over to someone who either buys a house or sells one with you.
  3. Fish Bowl: You see the fish bowl full of cards everywhere. Why not throw your name in each one. Whether it’s for a free lunch or gift, throw several cards into the bowl. When your business card gets selected, offer the gift to the first person to contact you at your website, by email, or by stopping in or calling your office.
  4. Trading Cards: Visit other local, non-competing business in your area. Ask them to join you in a business-building network using each other’s business cards. See if they’ll hand out your business cards in exchange for you doing the same. Each time someone visits your office, after the meeting, offer them your card and the other business’ cards. Have the other local companies do the same; it’s a win-win for you both.
  5. Weekly Drawing: For each client or individual you meet, hand them a business card. Let them know that once-a-week you’ll be doing a weekly drawing for a gift. Have them and others fill out a small contact form and toss it in a hat. Each name that’s selected wins the gift when they present your business card to your when picking up the gift.
  6. Referral Program: Keep space on the flipside of your Keller Williams business card to leave room for clients, associates and friends to jot down their email information. You can simply explain to the first individual you give the card to that the business card works as a referral card. Recommend that they write their details on the back of your business card and pass it along to another person who will use your services; ask them to reciprocate. The very last one is to bring back the card to you. Every person listed on the card gets will receive a percentage of a sale made from one of those 5-10 people listed on the card. Bonus: now you have everyone’s email address for future marketing!

Let Your Keller Williams Business Cards Do The Work

The key to success using your Keller Willimas business cards is to get creative. Think outside of the box. Make your business cards and the recipient do the kick-start campaign for you.

It’s easy to just hand out cards, but you’ll experience better results if you give the business card recipient a task or benefit.

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