How Real Estate Agents Reformed Marketing

how real estate agents reformed marketing
Realtors have been responsible for many innovations. Realtors take an oath to uphold a code of ethics. The Realtor Code of Ethics sets standards, and is based on two powerful principles: honesty and protection.

Article 1 states that “Realtors will protect and promote their clients’ interests while treating all parties honestly.” Article 2 states that Realtors will refrain from exaggeration and misrepresentation. These are high standards. When they are used as a foundation for marketing, they shine a bright light on one way in which real estate agents have reformed marketing.


Traditional Marketing

traditional marketingTraditional marketing is, in a nutshell, based on three principles:
• Telling a potential buyer how good the product or service is.
• Announcing either an innovation or reminding potential buyers of the benefits of ownership.
• Encouraging the potential buyer to respond quickly.

It is a “tell” process. Newspapers, magazines and television channels use traditional, outbound marketing methods. It has more to do with promoting the supplier’s interests, than the client’s interests.


Modern Marketing

modern marketingToday’s marketers work on building a relationship with a potential buyer. It is more to do with offering something useful to potential buyers, to encourage them to respond. The marketing process looks like this:
• Attract a potential buyer’s attention.
• Offer something of value.
• Encourage the potential buyer to leave their contact details to get the the report, blog article or newsletter.
• The relationship-building begins, and the potential buyer then gets to know, like and trust the company or person.
• The potential buyer evolves into an actual buyer, then a loyal client, and finally to an advocate for the brand.


Real Estate Agent Marketing

real estate agent's can bridge the marketing gapRealtors use both methods. They market properties in the traditional way, and they market themselves in the modern way. They also do something else; they bridge the gap between the two methods. This bridge has reformed marketing.


The Bridging Tool

The most commonly-used tool Realtors use to bridge these methods is the business card. Keller Williams business cards are a unique and subtle way to do outbound marketing, and to help potential buyers to want to begin the relationship.

People expect Realtors to hand out business cards, and they also expect an elevator pitch. Realtors who give two business cards, not just one, to a person have a perfect opportunity to say something valuable to that person, or to say something that other Realtors do not. They can talk about the card. Keller Williams business cards for real estate enable you to give out the most appropriate card, so you can begin the relationship-building.

Keller Williams business card templates enable KW Realtors to customize their cards to suit different market places and different segments. Decide who you are most likely to meet, or who you want to attract to your list, and give them custom Keller Williams business cards. Use cards that they will want to keep, or give to another person. Here are a few examples of how you can stand out from your competition.

Sellers: Put your Seller UVP (Unique Value Proposition) on the back of the card. Explain your UVP to the person, and invite them to join your newsletter or blog community. Add that particular landing page URL on the card.

Buyers: Do the same with your Buyer UVP.

Millennials: This market is set to become a powerful home-buying segment. They are a growing segment. They have paid down their student loans, lived with parents or friends, and they have saved money. Custom Keller Williams business cards for Millennials that include information directed at them will start the conversion conversation that other Realtors cannot have, because all they have is a standard business card.

Generation Z: This under-the-radar market segment will achieve adulthood in 2017. They have big ideas about the home they want. Use square Keller Williams business cards to bring in this group to your fold. They will boast about the unique Keller Williams business card, and your web-based GenZ Group.

These are a few ways you can use your business cards to grow your business. They support the Code of Ethics, they make you unique, and they will build your following.

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