How to Create a Realtor Newsletter That Stands Out

how to create a real newsletter that stands out

Your Realtor newsletter will stand out if you focus on the four simple elements of newsletter success. Those elements are:

1. Purpose
2. Content
3. Medium
4. Format

None of them is more important than the others. When you are clear about your newsletter’s purpose, you will know what content to include. The purpose and content help you decide on the medium, both electronic and print. When you know the medium, you can decide on the format. Newsletters which do not stand out are, frequently, ones where the creator forgets its purpose. Let’s look at each one.

1. Purpose4 elements to a successful realtor newsletter

Your primary goal is to attract readers. Once you have attracted them, your secondary goal is to raise their level of interest in your newsletter’s content, and help the interest grow into involvement. Continued involvement builds commitment to your and the Keller Williams brand. Committed newsletter readers become clients, remain clients, and they refer new clients.

Your newsletter, therefore, must be more about them and less about real estate. Real estate is your vehicle to deliver your primary purpose. Your secondary purpose is to be clear about who you want as clients.

The three biggest potential markets for a primary home, a vacation property, or an investment property are older Millennials, all Gen Xers and younger Baby Boomers. Some Millennials and Gen Xers are first time buyers, and the rest will have property to sell as well as a desire to buy. Get your content right so your newsletter stands out, and you will grow your business.

2. Content
Your content must always attract, interest, and involve the people in your target market. There are more than a dozen different buyer personas to address. Fortunately there are convenient overlaps, so your content will appeal to more than one market segment. Here are a few simple examples:

• The Millennial Boss Babe persona has the same assertive drive to succeed as the Baby Boomer Director. They share the same ambitions about the kind of property they want to live in, and they are impressed by good technical knowledge.
• The Millennial Exuberant likes to be the center of attention in the same way that the Gen X and Baby Boomer Socialiserdoes. They are turned on by strong news stories, as well as stories about people like them.
• The Millennial Travel Enthusiast loves the outdoors, and so do many older readers who can afford to take those exotic vacations. If your Keller Williams office sells waterfront property, for example, then stories about powerful yachts or the annual dragon race will get their attention.
• Almost all Millennials and half the members of the other two groups like contests and campaigns. Everyone feels the need to be educated and entertained.

Real estate is your vehicle to keep your readers opening and following your newsletter. You can use those four examples to run stories on:

• The 14th Keller Williams Charity Golf Event
• Your local Keller Williams Red Hat and Red Shirt Days
• How the new ZOCCAM app saves time and maximizes security when handling client escrow funds
• How the presidential election will affect home prices (by about 0.22%, according to Redfin’s chief economist)
• The reason why you are giving away six collector’s edition coffee mugs to every visitor who attends your next six open houses
• Display the mug collection, and explain why you chose it. Include the Thank you card design you always send to every visitor, and highlight the Welcome balloons they will see outside all your open houses
• Your featured Personality of the Month client showcase story will speak to each persona. Make each story valuable, interesting and personal.

3. Medium
Nothing says Open me like an envelope, or Keep me like an in-print profile feature or a photograph of a fabulous new listing, or says Share me like a client-recognition story. Nothing says Bring this with you for your free gift at my next open house like a print newsletter.

Send electronic newsletter copies to your contact list. Use Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to maximize click-throughs to your website newsletter. Capture everyone’s contact details.

4. Format
Make it easy to open, interesting to read, and have lots of images. Follow these four steps, and your newsletter will be the talk of the town.

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