How-To-Guide: KW RED Day 2016

How to KW Red Day 2016 Editions

Here’s How to Do RED Day the KW Way

Introduced in 2009, Keller Williams agents felt a deep-seated desire to give back to their communities. And so, KW RED Day was born. On the second Thursday of every May, Keller Williams agents, friends, family, and soon-to-be friends all step away from their busy lives to dedicate the day to servicing their community.

Finding a Keller Williams office is easyFind your local Keller Williams office and ask how you can participate. Volunteers of all ages are welcome and no prior association with Keller Williams Realty is required. Just bring a desire to help better your community!

Can’t get to a KW office? No problem. Even one person can make a big difference! Or make it a family event. Heck, invite the whole neighborhood. Because there are countless ways to #GIVEBACKWHEREYOULIVE


1. Start with the Basics

It starts at home Look to your home and work your way outward. Is there a family member you could help out? Maybe some time to volunteer with a child or sibling and teach them something new! Visit a grandparent at their home or drop by the local nursing home. Bring snacks, crafts, or just come to talk and listen. Investigate your pantry for any household items you can donate. Expand the search to clothing, toys, and any other household goods that someone else can use. Sure, you can donate to a large charity, but think of the immediate impact you could make by finding a person in need, a church, a shelter, or a clinic that can directly take your donations.

Move your efforts from your home to your neighbors. Can you help a neighbor in need? Can you assist in a house project, a difficult chore, or maybe encourage the same household investigation and donation steps. Get the whole neighborhood involved and take bulk donations around town!


2. Unofficial Service

Whether you officially volunteer or take it upon yourself to better your community, there are many ways you can volunteer.Blessing bags are gerat way to serve the community

  • Facebook has an Events tab that shows local events happening in your area; check out these events and message the coordinator to see how you can help.
  • Make sandwiches and pass them out to the homeless or deliver them to homeless shelters.
  • Make homeless goody bags filled with hygienic items, water, some snacks, and maybe a few extra dollars.
  • Search the popular site GoFundMe and find a cause that moves you. Donate yourself, spread the message online, or take it the streets earning money for this cause or any other organization dear to your heart.
  • Deliver flowers or cookies to nursing homes, hospital patients, or even hospital staff.
  • Visit areas of your town that are overdue for TLC and pick up trash.
  • Donate books to a library.
  • Simply pay it forward while doing your day-to-day routine! Whether at Starbucks, or picking up the groceries of the single parent behind you, there are endless ways to pay it forward everyday.


3. Volunteer Officially

Hospitals, nursing homes, and homeless shelters (while justifiably popular places to volunteer) are just the tip of the iceberg for places you can volunteer in your neighborhood!

There's no limit as to what a community can achieve

  • Volunteer at the local Literacy center or library. Teach others to read or simply read stories to those who would like to listen.
  • Visit the local schools and see what kind of help they need. If it’s your child’s school, get your child, their friends, and their friend’s parents involved for a day of servitude in the name of education!
  • Animal shelters often need volunteers, especially in overcrowded downtown shelters.
  • Thank our soldiers for their service with service of your own. Veteran hospitals, hospice centers, or other businesses that support our military could always use a helping hand!
  • Habitat for Humanity is an agency well known for building homes in areas hit by disaster or where families are in need. Their work even takes them abroad if you are looking for adventure!
  • Contact your city council and see if there is any beautification work that needs to be done or any other volunteer activities you may be able to participate in.
  • Initiate your own volunteer activity. Find a deserving family in need and contact local businesses to donate money, goods, or services. Go crazy and find a construction company looking to donate time and materials to build a home. Can’t find one? Find 10 construction companies willing to pitch in together to build a home. The opportunities are endless and the limit of what you can achieve is only capped by you.


Find more local places to volunteer in your neighborhood using great online resources such as

Win a $100 giftcard

Spread the joy and share the giving spirit by posting motivational pictures of your acts of service. Use the hashtags #givewhereyoulive and #kwredday. Don’t forget to wear red while you’re doing it! Take it a step further and get the word out about RED Day by investing in official KW Red Day Gear for you, your family or your entire team!

We’ll be keeping an eye out for our favorite inspirational post that uses the hashtag #KWREDDAYARS. We will choose one photo and give the owner of that photo a $100 gift card to ARedStore, an official vendor of Keller Williams.


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