How to Increase Real Estate Website Conversions with Offline Marketing

While creating web strategies designed to boost your real estate leads and conversions, make sure that you apply your offline resources in order to nourish any online results.

real estate offline and online marketing

Request Reviews
Word-of-mouth recommendations have always played an enormous role in real estate marketing. These days, they can take the form of internet testimonials or reviews. With the continuous development of social networking, word-of-mouth is becoming essential to the success of your company. Based on your particular market, the convenience of acquiring reviews can differ, however, it can be well worth the effort to simply ask your face-to-face clients for a web-based review.

Whenever requesting your buyers or sellers to provide a review, you could ask for the testimonials through handwritten letters, e-mail, monthly newsletters, phone calls, social networking platforms, or through a printed sign at your real estate office.

A lot of homebuyers and sellers don’t generally consider a review. Help your efforts by reminding them how their review can enable you to build your business and support your time and effort. Give them the websites addresses you want the review to be submitted. Send out a postcard or write out a letter and hand it to them personally.

Submitting a request through email can be achieved in a casual “Thank you” or “Let us Know How We Did” note. Or, you can even send out an email and request it that way.

Acquire Email Addresses
Provide something in exchange for a potential client’s email address. Most real estate agencies and as well as many other businesses will provide a box on their site in which they request that their visitors join or sign up for their newsletter. Because people are flooded with e-mails and most are reluctant to provide their email address, they will only do so when they are likely to gain from their efforts.

At Times, the Most Apparent Strategies are the ones we Overlook
Make use of email signatures. Position your real estate business’s website address, LinkedIn URL, Facebook business page link, as well as your Google+ links inside of the email signatures, specifically for your first-contact potentials.

Install A Sign
Design and place a sign at your business one that points out your real estate website address and offers clients a return or gift for visiting your page: rewards can be “first to know” about upcoming and new or reduced price listings, events , and so on.

QR Codes
Make use of a QR codes at your real estate office; one that sends people to your website, a unique offer, a review, or directs them to your Facebook or Twitter pages. You can even print a QR code on thank you letters. You can find QR codes at no cost when you search for “free QR codes”.

Offer Reliable and Useful Information
Be sure that the information on your real estate business cards, brochures, letters of correspondence, and ads match or compliment the content on your site.

Supply A URL to your Realty Website
If attend a seminar or tradeshow, be sure the material and business cards contain a website address. Include your site and also email address contact information to all business and affiliation directories.

First Impressions
Train your office staff members, the one who answer your phones or meet your potential clients in person. A poor phone or in-person experience can eliminate any helpful online real estate marketing.

Promote Special Recognitions
When you’ve acquired awards or honors, let your clients know by mentioning the honor or award, or even displaying a copy of the certificate or badge on your website. Don’t conceal any offline achievements. They help to increase the trust factor.

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