How to Integrate Off and Online Marketing tactics for Real Estate

The division of online and offline real estate marketing is beginning to shrink, and quickly. Expert marketers suggest the practice of forming two separate strategies for online and offline advertising is now a thing of the past. The best way to design your online and offline real estate campaigns is to integrate the two; form one, single, harmonious campaign that is centered on a specific message.

offline and online marketing integration

With the purpose of delivering a strong and consistent message to potential buyers, it’s undeniably necessary to function in the belief that the campaign is first, and the medium is second. Make sure to consider what your call-to-action is, as opposed to how the message is delivered to your buyer and seller audience.

Consider integrating these online and offline marketing strategies to unite your advertising efforts:
Mobile Check-In
An inventive application idea, born from the makers of Foursquare, is mobile check-ins. Copied by Yelp and Facebook, mobile check-in apps are a simple way for customers to announce their arrival at your business location, and provide free advertising online for their physical dealings with your realty company. It’s imperative to understand the power behind these simple, but easy social media trends. These mobile check-ins are a link between your physical business location and the online world.

Smart real estate agents and companies are looking for ways to lure customers into talking about their service online. Your current and past clients may already be a fan of your business, and since most of them are checking-in online anyway, offer an event with reward for checking-in upon their arrival.

Use Hashtags
#hashtags may be an odd concept, but it’s actually taking off, and fast. Developed by Twitter, hashtags are now used on other popular social media sites, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, and several others. Many innovative marketers agree that this form of marketing for real estate can drive sells. Hashtags are current tags used in digital conversations. Brands are more and more beginning to encourage their own style of hashtags, and realtors are catching on — #RealEstate.

You may wonder how to integrate hashtags offline. One way to incorporate anywhere you reference your real estate social media accounts – business cards, flyers, banners, bus stops, publications, or any other offline traditional advertising opportunities.

Offer your homeowners or potential buyers a reward for using hashtags at open houses, and other events you decide to host. The greatest models where hashtags will work for your realty business, is those events that offer prizes to the best snapshots tagged – hashtagged on social media pages. Publicize a challenge for the best photo, but make the prize interesting and intriguing.

When all’s said and done, you’re in search of interconnected marketing strategies for your physical business and the online world. You’ll want your message to be of one voice, identifying your agency and creating awareness and admiration with your clienteles. the most important thing to remember is to use a targeted message with your real estate marketing endeavors online or off.

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