How To Market to Perspective Real Estate Customers with Print

With the many ways to market your brand to prospective real estate customers, it can be tough to determine which methods work best, and Print Marketing is definitely at the top of the “must-have” list.

Marketing Perspective Real Estate Customers with Print

Listed below you’ll see that there are a ton a print marketing options, as well as some specifics about each one and how you may want to implement them into your campaign.

Plastic Business Card Printing
First and foremost, plastic real estate business cards will last. You’ll not have to worry about tearing or getting wet, as the plastic construction makes them durable and easy to fit in your client’s wallet or business card holder. Best of all, plastic business cards can set you apart from the crowd. Because it’s still a new idea, many other real estate agents are still using paper business cards, and the novelty of your plastic card can actually impress potential clients.

Custom Point of Purchase Displays
Point of Purchase displays are a fantastic way of marketing. Benefit from what might be your final chance to convert a window shopper to a homebuyer with a customized designed point of purchase displays. Point of purchase displays are an established, time-tested marketing accessory used to sell products. However, they can also be a great addition to your real estate advertising plan by positioning a display at your office, at an open house, at a trade show or fair. A point of purchase print display can strengthen your brand recognition, encourage and showcase new listings or a welcome addition to the support of your marketing strategies and ideas.

Postcard Marketing Tips
Postcard marketing is extremely effective and still an affordable approach to use in reaching prospects. In contrast to with billboards, you can actually target postcards to a particular demographic. No matter if you make use of a mailing list, or you’ve selected your recipients from past and current clients target the individuals who respond to the call-to-action.

Custom Business Magnets Printing
Every time a client or prospect opens their refrigerator, they’ll have access to your custom printed magnets. Whether you use the magnet for specific open house promotions, or to simply showcase your agency, you can make use of customizable print magnets for fridge calendars, schools and car and so on.

Newsletter Marketing
A real estate agent’s newsletter is a perfect opportunity to boost your sales, promote loyalty and also escalate brand awareness. When you create your newsletter and have it printed and distributed, people have something to hold and look at, and their typically impressed with the effort made to a more personal, tangible item.

Holiday Business Greeting Cards
Not only are Holiday Business cards a must for any real estate agent, but also they will truly increase brand awareness; reputation, personalized attention, overall gesture which signifies your desire to be an approachable, dependable agent.

Business Flyers Printing
Perfect for open houses, displayed at your office, and easy-to-grab at your local doctor’s office, Business Flyers, when well-planned and structured, can go a long way in your marketing efforts. Whether you’re advertising a future open house for a client or you’re planning a local event to promote your company, business flyers can be useful, especially when they properly laid out, and incorporate details with eye-catching fonts and design.

Marketing with print is an affordable, effective way to market yourself to prospective real estate customers, especially when well-planned and properly designed

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