Killer Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Engage Your Client Base

When it comes to engaging past, present, and potential real estate clients, you have to make the effort. Once you make your mind up to actively pursue engagement from your clients, you’ll start to see the value in connecting to your clientele. Whether it’s new business or return clients, keeping buyers and sellers from the past and the future engaged will go a long way in developing your brand and increasing your sales.

How to Keep Real Estate Clients Engaged?

Attracting Customers
Attracting Customers

Simply put, you stay continually connected to your clients or prospective customers in order to keep them engaged and interested in you or what you have to offer. Whether it’s through email, newsletters, print mail, or phone calls, you have to put forth the time and energy it takes to keep in-touch with potential and past clients.

Emails: You’ve been beat over the head about email marketing, and somehow, you still haven’t tried it out; or put forth a real effort. The key to constant contact and keeping your clients engaged is to–engage them. Ask weekly questions through an email message. Take email polls to see what they think about a house or a layout. No matter what you choose, you can use email to keep your customers up-to-date so that when ready, they’ll buy or sell a house with you. INSERT

Community Club: No matter if it’s a gardening club or a property improvement club, you can gain a lot of potential clients by hosting a club meeting. This allows you to connect with your neighbors and keep them engaged in your current listings and services. Each meeting, you can hand out promo items; coffee cups, questionnaires, pens, anything to keep them thinking of your business and engaged.

Social Media: Whether you’re asking questions about lawn care or taking a poll to your Facebook followers, keep your fans or page likers involved by requiring a response. Even if the engaging question or activity is about a picture of a puppy, keep the flow of conversation going.

Have a Contest: Sure, you’ve heard all about how a contest can boost interest. But did you know that a simple question and answer reply contest can go a long way in growing awareness to your brand? Send out postcards that ask a client if they like the house on the “right or left” better (show two listings). Let them know that every 5 people to respond on twitter or via email or snail mail can win a mug or t-shirt.

Host a Webinar: Whether it’s a class on gardening or one on how to fix up an older offer people the chance to get free tips and information and they’ll come! Throughout the entire webinar, offer links to your site and snippets of information about your real estate agency. Once the webinar is over, have a Q&A session so you can interact. Note: require users to sign up with email and phone numbers before the free webinar–that way you have their contact info for future reference.

Whichever route you decide to go with, make sure you keep it simple and interesting enough to ensure your customers and prospect clients will stick with you. It’s also a great idea to have niche engagements: senior interests, new homebuyer clubs, or other niche marketing categories.


Be Enthusiastic! Never use a negative or boring tone when writing or talking with clients. Your smile and enthusiasm will be contagious!

Have a 2-Way Conversation! Whether you ask questions or require a response, in everything you do for your marketing efforts, make it a 2-Way conversation.

Use Assertiveness (Not Aggressiveness) No matter if you’re calling a client to tell them about a club, contest, or event, when you talk or write to the customer or prospect, get your point across without pushing yourself on them. Make sure they know you really want them to participate but you cannot be so aggressive that it turns them off!

Show Interest! Even if your client is just talking about the weather, make a point to show them interest. You have to seem engaged in order to receive any response.

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