Market Center Tour Week 3

This past week was a busy one! While I didn’t have quite as many market centers to visit, the distance between them was fairly sizeable. After leaving Alabama, we were officially in Florida, our residence until September. While spending a few days in Miramar Beach, I visited the Pensacola, Destin, and Panama City Beach market centers. On Wednesday we headed to Tampa by way of Tallahassee and visited the market center there on the way. After settling into Tampa, I spent the last couple of days with the Spring Hill, Clearwater, Winter Haven, and Lakeland market centers.

keller williams panama beach city

As has become typical and expected, I met some fantastic people at each visit. One thing I am learning, though, is that even though there is a consistency that comes with a branded structure, each office and locale still has it’s own feel, flair, and way of doing things. I mention that simply because it’s something I’ve come to love about Keller Williams: there is a consistency in the culture and dogma, but each office and team is also uniquely itself, with it’s own processes and characteristics.

Here are a few tips for Market Center teams (TL’s, MCA’s, ASC’s, DOFI’s) I’m picking up along the way:

  • Order marketing collateral such as presentation folders, notecards, envelopes, etc., and keep them on hand for your agents to purchase. While most agents will want to order these items on their own, when they are in a rush, having these items on hand can be valuable for your agents.
  • Be familiar with the Keller Williams Approved Vendors and what products and services they provide agents. There are many intrinsic benefits of working with a nationally approved vendor, and they will often provide products or services to your agents at a better value than most local vendors.
  • Talk about your Keller Williams Approved Vendors at team meetings. While agents do have access to the approved vendor list on their own dashboard, many haven’t taken the time to view it, and are unaware of the convenience and reliability that the approved vendors provide.
  • Have fun while you build your business! The best meetings I’ve had so far have been with teams and agents who love what they do and make their workday enjoyable. Longevity and success usually develop when someone is passionate about their job and truly enjoys not only the income and achievements, but also the process along the way.

I look forward to sharing more insights with you along the way!

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