Market Center Tour

Jonathan EnseyAs managing director of, my primary job is to make sure we provide Keller Williams real estate agents with the best possible marketing products and services, priced reasonably and delivered efficiently, all with great customer service and follow up. Because I believe we deliver on each of those items, our goal as a business is to serve as many agents as we possibly can. Late last year, our team began discussing how to most effectively create more exposure within the Keller Williams agent base. After a couple of planning sessions, I mentioned to my wife that I would most likely be traveling quite a bit more this year with the goal of visiting some of the regions and setting up meetings with teams and Market Centers across the country. As we discussed what that would look like, one thing led to another, and somehow we ended up with the idea of selling our home and purchasing an RV and traveling full time to visit all of the Market Centers.

There were several challenges we had to work through to make that happen: working out how to homeschool our three children (7, 5, and 3) from the road, managing the day-to-day operations of the business remotely, selling our house, and learning how to make 440 square feet livable for five people! Needless to say, four months later we had sold our home, purchased a 42’ fifth wheel RV, had worked out the logistic of work and homeschool on the road, and as of July 7th, we began our tour to visit every Market Center in the continental US!

You might be wondering why someone would do such a crazy thing. I’ll try to quickly convey a few of the best reasons.

  • At ARS, we love the culture of Keller Williams. As a family owned business, the priorities and principles by which we operate are directly in line with those of Keller Williams.
  • We love the people of Keller Williams and enjoy working with them. The people who make up the company are what drive your amazing culture, and we love interacting with them.
  • Gary Keller is clear when he talks about finding your “one thing.” My “one thing” is growing a profitable business that excels through long-term customer relationships created by quality and service. This tour serves that goal.
  • We only work with Keller Williams real estate agents. Most other marketing and service-based businesses in the real estate space are working with multiple companies. Although we forfeit revenue in the short term, we’ve found that we can create more value by serving Keller Williams exclusively.
  • We want to build a relationship with Keller Williams agents that lasts. There are plenty of impersonal eCommerce sites out there to order from; we want to be active and available, respond to custom requests, and resolve any issues quickly with class. Efficiency is critically important in this digital age, but effectiveness for the agents trumps in this case.

In our normal course of business, I was only getting to interact with a large amount of the agent base at Family Reunion, the Luxury Retreat, and Mega Camp. This tour will give me the opportunity to interact with Market Center teams and agents from all across the country. This blog will be a great way to keep up with our travels, and I’ll do my best to update weekly so you can stay apprised of our newest location. Our current route is taking us through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, then we’ll be headed back to Texas the first part of September to get ready for Mega Camp. If you see me along the way, please stop me to say hi! We look forward to serving you in the future!

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