How to Market Yourself as a Realtor

On average, most homeowners move just once per decade. Below are methods to use in marketing yourself in real estate.

Market yourself into their daily routine
Many realty companies brand themselves right into the homes of everyday people. Consider branding coffee cups used in local coffee shops or gas stations. When customers buy that cup-of-joe every morning, they’ll see your brand. Whether these customers know it or not, your brand is etched into the mind.

realtor marketing tactics

Friend People on social media
Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are not just for business associates or family and friends. Sending out friend request to friends of family or friends of colleagues ensures that your audience will grow. Every time you add a friend, you add the potential to add their friends, and so on. In-the-know real estate experts comprehend that Facebook is a gift; one that allows you to keep up with your clients and friends. You will know when they are thinking about buying or selling their home. Also, when you are linked to them on social media, they will have the opportunity to view your special listings and posts.

Create an event
Annual holiday parties, summer cookouts or even Halloween events for kids, can be an excellent way for extra exposure. Simple ideas such as free coffee days can build your rapport with the community, and increase your visibility. Create an event to bring out your friends, and offer them a door prize for bringing a guest. The goal is to reach as many people as you can, and get your name out there.

Off discount and coupon booklets
Take a note from local public schools, and offer your clients and the community a coupon booklet to businesses in the area. Not only are you supporting your neighborhood businesses, you’re increasing your real estate business’s credibility and likability.

Offer moving products

Consider branding moving boxes, tape, packing paper – all covered with your real estate logo and contact information. Sell these items at cost, and you’re virtually marketing and advertising yourself for free, all while offering the community a cheaper alternative to packing materials and accessories.

Start a blog about local community events. Offer free ad space to the businesses in your area – in trade to post your flyers, business cards, or listings at the business location. Encourage these businesses to promote your blog on Facebook and by word-of-mouth. It’s a win-win situation for you and your neighbors, and can really set your realty business apart.

Marketing yourself as a Realtor is easy when you open your mind to simple marketing tips and tricks. Get your ideas from places you normally wouldn’t associate to real estate – restaurant advertisements, school fundraisers, etc.…

Once you realize that effective, yet low-cost marketing exists in nearly everything around you, the sooner you will increase your sales and your visibility.

Simple things mean the most to your community, who, in turn, can be potential clients. Things like free soda day or lollipops with your contact info can really leave your mark on your community’s mind.

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