Mistakes to Avoid While Marketing Your Real Estate Business on Social Media

Mistakes to Avoid While Marketing Your Real Estate Business on Social Media

Mistakes on Social Media for Realtor
Social media can be a very powerful marketing tool for realtors. However, there are some pretty common mistakes that you should work hard to avoid. A few prime examples include:


Being Too “Salesy”No one likes pushy salesperson

Social media is not the place to blast followers with aggressive marketing messages. Sure, you’re here to promote your business, but followers see enough ads online. They won’t want to follow you if they feel like you’re just in it to earn their business through aggressive techniques. A better tactic is to reel them in with your expertise and knowledge. You can post ads but be sure to cushion the advertisements with genuinely intriguing content.


Letting Others Handle Your Social Media Accounts

As a realtor, you are undoubtedly quite busy. You may be tempted to pass the social media marketing work off to an assistant or someone else, but you shouldn’t. You’re the actual expert, so the posts should come directly from you. Allowing someone with little or no knowledge of real estate to post updates and respond to followers is a recipe for disaster.


Being Too Personal

Keep personal posts to a minimumWhile it’s important to show your human side to followers, you’ll bore them to tears if you post about your personal life non-stop. The majority of your posts should relate to real estate. Every now and then, though, surprise people with photos of your dog, pictures of you at a local 5K-charity event and other candid-relatable moments.


Posting Content That’s Not Original

Realtors often get lazy when sharing things on social media, and they resort to posting links to content that they didn’t create. It’s okay to do this occasionally, but keep in mind that what you’re mostly doing is promoting someone else’s content. What’s worse is that the search engines may penalize your main website for such activities, which could result in a lower ranking. The best method is to share content from authority sites or blogs, and include these shares with genuine insight. Create images and content of your own using free copyright images and an app that can post text over images—all for free.


Embellishing and ExaggeratingDont exaggerate social media pictures

It’s natural to want to excite your social media followers, but don’t resort to embellishing photos and listings to do so. It’s a direct violation of the National Association of REALTORS®’ Code of Ethics, and it is a surefire way to alienate people and tarnish your reputation.


With social media marketing, the sky is really the limit. Just keep the preceding tips in mind, be yourself and post regularly, and you will start seeing results in no time. For more on what you should be doing on your social posts, check out our article with tips for success.

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