Old School vs New School Real Estate Marketing

old school for new school real estate marketing

The only way to stay current and profitable in the real estate world is to evolve and learn at a breakneck pace. Are you ready to revitalize your business in new ways? Are you searching for tips on how to work smarter and not harder? By using these top real estate marketing tactics, you’ll retire overused strategies that no longer are producing that ROI you need to attain and maintain success.


advertise in print
Old School: Advertising in the Local Paper 

There was a time where this was the principal way to let people know about new listings. In the past buyers only found listings from contacting a real estate agent or driving around neighborhoods hoping to find a “for sale” sign.


New School: Advertising in Print for Select Audiences

Times have changed, but print is still a game changer when considering what kind of audience you are selling to. Certain areas and demographics such as those in rural areas or older clients appreciate printed listings. Lower priced homes also do well when advertised locally.

Another idea might be creating a newsletter delivered door to door or provided in local stores. Going hyper-local with your advertising (choosing specific neighborhoods to highlight) showcases your knowledge as an expert.


advertise everywhereOld School: Advertising on Your Website

After investing so much time and money into your website, many real estate agents simply wait around for the leads to trickle in. Although ideally, your website will bring in a steady stream of interest, it can take time.


New School: Advertising Yourself Everywhere Online

By answering questions on online forums, you establish yourself further as an expert. Plenty of websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and MSN Real Estate, among others, offer free basic listing services. Blogs are constantly looking for guest writers or people for video interviews. Offer your time, and it can pay off big when it comes to the free advertising.


SHARE YOUR PERSONALITYOld School: Separation of Work and Personal Personas

Some realtors only use one stock headshot for all of their advertising. Although it’s important to have a high level of professionalism, people want to feel like they have a sense of their realtor’s personality and character. Real estate agents that use social media only to sell to their clients can come across as “salesy” and fake – turning potential customers off.


New School: Show Your Best Side

No one would advocate broadcasting every detail of your personal life on the web. However, It is recommended in today’s market to share some things about yourself that make you unique. Create a Blog. Post select family and pet pictures on social media. Add your photo to your listing and open house signs. Invite clients into your world.


Never Goes Out of Style: Real Face Time

There has been a lot of talk about how younger generations prefer email and text on interaction, and although that may be true for day to day follow up, introductions are best made in person. Going that extra step to book a lunch meeting or a house visit is something that is well worth the added hassle. It sets you apart from your competition that may be “phoning it in.” No text message, website, chat, or email will ever communicate to clients the level of confidence, responsibility, and character as hearing your voice.

A common complaint among customers is that they feel they are being talked at and not truly heard. Purchasing a home is a massive financial investment that can change someone’s life forever. Having a realtor who will fight to make your dreams reality is a beautiful thing.

By offering the best level of service possible, you ensure that your clients will spread your name to others along the way. With so much advertising done online, there are still real estate agents who live off of a steady stream of referrals. Hand-written thank you cards, customized information folders, and thoughtful closing gifts are all ways you can make your clients feel like they are VIPs.Hopefully, you’ve found new ways to update your marketing. By considering advertising on blogs, select local papers, and social media, while offering a personal touch, you stand to set yourself apart in the real estate game.

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