How Real Estate Marketing Has Changed

Selling real estate is changing, and social media have altered the whole game. Social media allow real estate agents, and even everyday people the platform to expand their individual networks. They can now reach more customers and potential buyers than they ever have before.

This marketing change has increased the prospective range for re both selling and renting properties. If used accurately, social media can be a priceless instrument to maximize your real estate business. Below are a few examples of why the real estate market is changing.

evolution of real estate marketing

The total number of people using Facebook is astounding. This social media site — once planned for college students only – is now accessed by youngsters, grownups, and even grandmothers and grandfathers throughout the globe.

Because of the sheer numbers flocking to Facebook on a daily basis, selling a home is much easier. Your reach through Facebook users goes much further than any other market available. You just post your listing to your Fan page, and viola, you can reach millions on a weekly basis. Facebook too permits you to upload and post your listing photos, and you can provide details of your listings – using one simple platform. You can offer advice and tips to lure-in Facebook users to your page, and increase your reach and potential buyers.

Twitter is another excellent option for advertising and promoting your real estate business. Hashtags can be used to increase the search potential, giving you the upper hand on driving traffic to your listings.

For instance, agents can post hashtags such as, “#newhomesforsale #homesforsalecalifornia” and each person searching for properties in a particular region will locate your listing. Also, when folks are seeking individual properties, they’ll find yours quickly by using individual search queries.

Twitter users uploading videos or photos can utilize mini-URLs’ – allowing them to link their listing page to their Twitter page. This option is particularly valuable in cities where real estate is costly because of the location. People can actually view the property and be lured by what they will get for the price.

Most all women love Pinterest. It’s a place for crafters, home décor ideas and much more. You can build a Pinterest page, offer up recipes, home décor tips and more, and then put a link to your listing underneath every craft, recipe or décor idea. Pinterest lets you follow friends, and see what their Pinterest ‘boards’ are filled with. Pinterest is an excellent opportunity for advertising; if a user has shared a recipe you have shared, their friends may share it as well.

Everything you post can have your listing link attached – reaching out to multitudes of other possible home buyers. Though most are not on Pinterest searching for a home, they may be in the market for a home, and find your interesting post and then click on your links.

There are so many benefits in using these social media sites to promote and advertise you real estate business and listings. Keeping followers interested is the key, and you can do this using the tips listed above. The realm of real estate marketing has changed, and for the most part, it’s better. Instead of local listings with newspapers and magazines, you can now reach a limitless audience of potential buyers. It is crucial to your business that you begin to use social media to stimulate and market your real estate. Since most people now use the web to get their news, and to search through ads; it’s essential that you list your properties on these platforms to achieve the reach you deserve.

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