Real Estate Marketing Ideas for New Construction

Marketing and promoting newly constructed homes can be intimidating; however, consumers are interested in building and buying new homes, you just have to find them. The challenge locating and persuading people to buy from your firm. Numerous options exist, and many ideas are in-place for reaching-out and snagging new home buyers.

Keller Williams marketing ideas for new construction

Using Social Media to Generate Interest & Leads
Social media supplies real estate agents many new opportunities to connect with buyers in multiple ways. For agents selling new construction homes, social media can help you to target consumers inside of a precise geographic area. Online marketing with sites such as Facebook or Twitter, will provide you a platform to reach individuals who have already shown interest in purchasing new home or building one. Online marketing offers you a fairly inexpensive and measurable method to test approaches, and track the responses of possible buyers.

In regards to these social sites, Facebook may be the most popular, and lucrative of them all. People of all ages, now have a Facebook page. Even grandmothers are logging-in on a daily basis, connecting with family and friends and searching Fan pages of interest. Generating new leads on these types of social media sites is becoming easier and much faster than ever before. A study performed recently showed that an astounding two-thirds of adults in the U.S. visit social media networks weekly while an amazing 43 percent visit more than once-per-day. Futrell, A. “Social Media Survey.” Web.. Furthermore, another survey revealed that nearly 85 percent of Millennials regularly use social media, and nearly one-half of Generation-X users’ visit of social media sites, and more than half of the popular Baby Boomers sign-on to these sites on a constant basis. These wonderfully large numbers are forecasted to reach a significant growth-spurt in the next few coming years.

Social Media Users Love Photos & Fun Stories
Social Media users love photos and interesting stories. Build a Fan page or Twitter page devoted to your new homes available. Write interesting articles on these pages and relate them to these homes you have available for sale.

Try a few of the tips and tricks listed below to promote your real estate business, as well as the newly constructed homes you have listed:

  1. Build a Fan Page on Facebook, or construct a Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, and YouTube page. Make certain to use friendly text and display eye-catching photos to draw-in the potential buyers.
  2. Offer contest on these pages. Share links and pictures of your new home listings, and offer ones who ‘share’ the content on their own page a prize –gift cards, t-shirts, hats, etc.…
  3. Offer a landing page on these social media sites; one that requires the user to enter an email to enter a contest or other media contest. This will help generate leads and contact information for future home listings, and will keep the consumer coming back to your page for possible freebies.
  4. Post interesting stories and videos. Even if these videos and stories have nothing to do with your new home listings, tie these stories into your page somehow. Offer your fans a daily joke related to new homes or some other related comedy.
  5. Encourage users to share, share and then share some more. Each FB user has, on average, around 200 friends and family connected to their page. Asking users to share content that you have posted can reach a multitude of potential buyers and significantly increases your marketing reach.
  6. Utilize Social Media Ads. These ads will cost a fraction of typical advertising and will help you to build your audience, and encourage users to visit your page. You can even select a targeting ad campaign; reaching consumers who are already looking to purchase a new home or move to your listing area.

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