Real Estate Marketing Virtual Tours

In real estate marketing and promoting, virtual tours will typically be created as a sequence of videos or still images; used to make a movie-form of an online showing or tour. Other audiovisual elements are at play, such as music, sound effects, text and sometimes narration.

Real Estate Marketing Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are beneficial, as they allow buyers the opportunity to view the property without actually being there. These types of tours are excellent for agents trying to sell proper. Marketing property can be expensive as well as time-consuming. Because traditional promotions and marketing schemes use such things as newsprint ads, flyers, and open houses; they offer a limited yet targeted reach. These effective methods of advertising however they will not give your potential buyers a real vision of the property.

Most agencies, companies and people now use the internet to outspread their marketing reach. More now than ever, American realtors are frequently utilizing virtual tours. These tours offer sellers a huge audience. With the use of virtual tours on the internet, buyers from all over the country and the world can view your property listings.

A quality audio description of a listing will allow you to rapidly connect with buyers about key-selling points of the property. While the tour works wonders for sales, a nice narrative helps the buyer pay closer attention to any spoken details. Using a calm and inviting voice, agents can use virtual tours for showings, just as they would for in-person selling.

In real estate, virtual tours allow buyers the opportunity to look inside of the home. They can have more access to specifics, as opposed to printed pictures and text-ads. The following list gives you a detailed look at the advantages of using virtual tours in real estate:

  • Get more views: A typical listing online using a virtual tour collects significantly more traffic, which increases the views. (Survey NAR ’09)
  • 24-Hour Open House: With a virtual tour, you have an open house, ready for potential buyers
  • 24-hours per day and 7-days per week: No added costs from travel, snacks, etc….

Instant data. A virtual tour is easily locatable online and can offer buyers an instantaneous load of information and listing details. Recent surveys suggest that 90 percent of potential home buyers will start searching first on the net.

Virtual Tours & Social Media: Clicking a simple button can provide consumers the ability to visit a property online via a virtual tour. Sharing your tours on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, ensures that you maximize your traffic by maximizing your reach. Users love pictures and movies, and they will share with friends and family on their wall.

Homebuyers favor virtual tours, and studies show that agents will do significantly better with the use on these forms of online tours. More than 80 percent of buyers say that they prefer virtual tours, and when searching online, they will skip the listing without a tour available.

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