Spotlight Story: Red Day 2016 Success at MC 113

ARS Spotlight

A yearly event since 2009, every 2nd Thursday in May is the Keller William’s Red Day. This is a day that KW agents, friends, and family all step up to give a hand in their community. A Red Store has been honored to be apart of Red Day, creating and providing the customized Red Day gear for the dedicated volunteers.

This year we would like to spotlight a great Red Day success story. Faith McDavid of Market Center #113 shared with us this great picture and success story:

“We partnered with Jubilee Reach and helped to clean up 6 yards (a major clean up). Four of the homes were for Coalition for the Homeless and housed homeless men. The other two were disabled homeowners whose yards had gotten out of control. We had over 90 people helping at the 6 locations and then followed up with a wonderful picnic. Much accomplished. Very gratifying. We felt we made a difference in Bellevue. Win. Win. Win.”

Win win win indeed Faith! What a great story and a great way to continue spreading the word about Keller William’s Red Day. The volunteer’s in the picture below are truly a representation of what a team should look like and are an inspiration for future volunteer’s who want to join in on KW Red Day 2017! Great job Team #113!



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