Tech Tips for a Busy Real Estate Agent

tech tips Check Out These Top Tech Tips for Realtor’s Everywhere

Ah, the busy life of a real estate broker. When things are good, you have to work hard to keep up with the demands on your time. When things are bad, you have to work even harder to compete for clients and close deals in a difficult economy. No matter how overwhelmed you may sometimes feel, you need to know there is a way to save lots of time on a daily basis. It’s called modern technology.

Using the Available Tools to Make Your Business Life Better

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The onslaught of new technology and incredible apps can be intimidating to even the most proficient of technology enthusiasts. However, these technological advancements are quickly becoming necessary “tools of the trade” for real estate agents. Whether you recognize it or not, all of these tools are designed to somehow make your life easier. It’s important for you to embrace as many of these tools as you can, lest you find yourself at a distinct disadvantage compared to the agents who have already put them to good use. If efficiency translates to dollars and cents, you will find no better reason to use these tools than making more money.

Technology That Makes Life Easier for Real Estate Agent

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The best way for real estate agents to save time is to find ways to perform time intensive tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. The following tech tips include recommended devices, applications and web browser settings that are known to save significant time and make certain processes easier to handle.

1. Dell Venue Tablet (Device) – This particular device was created as the result of a study performed by a company that was interested in finding a device that would meet the unique and specific needs of a real estate agent. This device provides intuitive file management, makes photo editing fast and efficient, supports digital document signing and allows for local and cloud storage of robust video property presentations.

2. Open Home Pro (App) – During an open house, the collecting of contact information can be a daunting task. With this free app, you can interact with the potential clients in real time while collecting important contact information. After collecting basic database information like name, email address, real estate agent’s name (if represented) and financing status, automated introductory emails can be immediately sent with property and contact details. The program also allows for immediate notification of new property details, including pricing changes, creates list of qualified and interested contacts and allows for mass marketing to groups of prospective buyers.

3. Sitegeist (App) – When a client asks you a question about a specific area or neighborhood, where do you turn if you don’t know the answer? Using GPS technology, this application will dial up all kinds of demographic information about the area in which you are standing.

4. Periscope (App) – With this app, you can stream a live open house broadcast in real time to prospective and current clients as well as fellow agents.

5. HelloSign (App) – The collecting of signatures from clients can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. With this application, you can collect legally binding e-signatures from any remote location.

6. Yesware (App) – Email is still considered the most effective marketing tool for real estate agents. If you’re leery of resending previously sent emails and pestering your contacts, this application will allow you to track whether or not your contacts have opened your previous emails.

7. Chrome Web Browsing (Web Browser Settings) – Chrome has an extension that will allow you to quickly organize and list a large number of open tabs that you need quick access to without having to close some tabs and reopen others.

The items listed above are but a very small sample of a vast population of technology advancements that can make your life as a real estate agent easier to navigate. By doing a little Internet research, you should be able to find plenty of tech tools that fit neatly into your own personal processes, which will save you time and improve your ability to generate income.

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