Texas Seeing Big Rise in Jobs From Tech Industry


Texas Jobs are on the Rise– and They Have the Technology Sector to Thank!

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As the nation’s economy continues to shift towards being a tech centered entity, several states throughout the country are evolving into tech hubs where tech jobs are growing at record rates. In the past, California and Washington stood as the two most prominent destinations for America’s most powerful technology companies. Today, the tide is shifting, and the primary beneficiary looks like it’s going to be Texas.

By the Numbers

According to a 2014 report based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas was then and continues to be Texas- do the numbers add up the fastest growing market in the nation for tech and engineering jobs. According to the report, the state added 8,100 jobs in the tech industry for the first half of 2014. That brought the total number of tech related jobs in the state to just over 143,000, which represents a 5.99% increase from the end of 2013. With the current tech movement showing u in many parts of the state, Texas now ranks #2 in the nation for said jobs behind California. Other states that have seen a nice bump in tech related jobs include Florida (5.64% increase), North Carolina (3.8% increase), Oregon (3.57 increase) and Washington (3.53% increase), which serves as home to tech giant Microsoft among others.

What’s Going on in Texas?

texas real estateAs is the case in many states, Texas has information technology jobs opening in some of the most robust tech sectors, including mobile technology, data storage (Cloud) and software development. With no end to growth in sight, many of the universities within the state as well as throughout the nation are pushing its IT curriculum as a means to help guide college students to where the jobs are going to be, at least in the near future. One of the primary tech hubs developing in Texas can be found in Austin. Currently, tech giants like Apple, Intel and Google have offices located in the area. The availability of tech jobs being provided by these and several other IT concerns have made Austin one of the 10 fastest growing cities in the US.

The Future of Technology in America

ITexas Future Techn an interview with Forbes, Carrie Gray said, “We think what’s happening is every company is becoming a tech company. Companies across the U.S. are relying more on technology, and in turn, smaller cities are now these unexpected tech hubs.” That’s a position that seems easy to support. As businesses shift to a digital environment where consumers need to be engaged through social media or the Internet, it has opened up jobs in software development, digital marketing, mobile app development and web design. It’s a trend that has been developing over the past 10 years, and it seems to be moving full seed ahead.

While larger cities like Dallas, Houston and Austin are the current beneficiaries of this growth in Texas, it should be just a matter of time before smaller communities get a boost as the tech industry continues taking over the nation’s economic landscape. Individuals moving to become apart of this booming job market are flooding the real estate market in these larger cities. As the cost of real estate, both commercial and residential, in the cities increase, savvy businesses will pursue developing offices in these outer cities. Smart homeowners will equally pursue real estate in these well-priced regions, thus increasing the demand not only city wide but state wide. Watch out Texas, the tech industry is coming for y’all!

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