The 5 Most Bizarre Real Estate Marketing Tactics of 2016

the 5 most bizarre real estate marketing tactics

2016 is coming to an end so it’s time to share some of the most unusual, bizarre, and down-right confusing real estate stories that we’ve come across this year!

1. Racy Real Estate

bizarre real estate listing video
With a $12.5 million dollar list price, it’s not surprising this 6,051 sq. ft. property located in the Hollywood Hills has some stunning views. But surely no one watching the listing video expected to find a scantily clad homeowner lounging in her bed, practicing yoga, sunbathing in a bikini, exposing her complete tattooed backside before stepping into the steamy shower and most shockingly…well you’ll see at the 2:23 mark in the video! One has to wonder if this unusual list video was created at the homeowners bequest or as a highly unusual marketing tactic proposed by the real estate company. Either way, bizarre doesn’t begin to cover it!


2. The Listing That Caused Panda-monium

panda real estate listing

In Spring, TX some real estate agents will do anything for their listing (or their clients). So when real estate agent Jessica Arnett joked on an online post about posing in a bear costume for her next listing, she never expected that joke would turn into her reality. Clients of hers saw the post and found the idea so humorous, they insisted they give it a try! So Arnett donned a panda suit and reshot listing photos of her posed as a panda in every room in the house. The clever and interesting marketing tactic could have easily been a total disaster, but the humorous marketing technique was met with rave reviews! However, despite the stunts’ success in getting the property sold, Arnett is not sure if she’ll dress up again. She’s worried if the tactic becomes “overused it would be stupid.” See all of the hilarious listing pictures here!


3. Hold Your Horses

horse in home listing photos

Sure this listing is for an equestrian property, so horse related items are to be expected. But nothing could have prepared us to see a live horse in the dining room of this $4.75 million dollar, nearly 55 acre home in Virginia!

One has to wonder if this was simply a bold marketing technique to make the listing memorable or if one of the 5 listed bedrooms actually belongs to the horse!


4. That Awkward Stage

home staging gone wrong

Staging is a brilliant marketing method that we always highly recommend. It allows potential buyers to envision themselves in your home without your stuff. So when we came across this picture well…we can only assume this is a “progressive” version of staging where the homeowner or listing agent really wanted potential buyers to envision themselves living there. While we’re not sure about the back story on this one, we have to say there’s not much about a bathtub with a freaky mannequin covered in cotton balls masquerading as bubble bath that scream’s, “man this is homey!” But hey, maybe that’s just us!


5. B-aa-a-a-d Marketing

literal marketing gone wrong

Okay, we love a good play on words as much as the next person. After all, clever puns can be the start of a great marketing campaign! But when you take the wording a little too literal, things can get…awkward for everyone. Sure he’s created a memorable marketing gimmick but does Brad the Lamb go too far past witty and crash-land right in bizarre-ville?! Tell us what you think!


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