Top Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Leads

 top real estate marketing strategies for leads

People do business with people they know and like, know and trust, or know and respect. Every real estate marketing strategy must capitalize on, and reinforce, one or more of those pairs. The most effective marketing delivers the most number of strong leads.

Marketing principles have not changed, but there are some new methods. The top three marketing strategies make the most of both new and traditional methods to generate the best leads. In this article, you will remind yourself of, and learn about, three strategies to generate those leads.

The common word, above, is know, therefore all of your marketing must focus on helping potential clients to get to know you better. As they do, you want them to like, trust and respect you as a person, as a great Realtor, and as a member of the Keller Williams family.

strategy 1Strategy #1: Get the Geographics, Demographics and Psychographics Clear

Too many inexperienced Realtors believe that the more advertising, mailing, and social networking they do the more leads they will generate. To generate the right leads, you must focus on specifics. This means three things:
• Focus on particular geographic areas. You choose the subdivisions, zip codes, apartment complexes where you want to list and sell.
• Communicate with the right demographics in those geographic areas. Young first-time buyers with few savings have different real estate goals from, say, empty-nesters who want to liquidate their biggest asset and buy a condo in an area that will suit them. Your marketing must relate to each demographic.
• Attract the attention and raise the interest of specific buyer personas, so what you say, do, mail, and advertise actually resonates. You want everyone who gets your postcards and newsletters to say This Realtor is my kind of person.Make this your #1 strategy, and you will get maximum leads from people you want to work with.

strategy 2Strategy #2: Develop the Lead for the Long Term

Not everyone wants to buy, rent, sell or invest this month. Your strategy must be to nurture your market. As Walt Disney said: Educate, entertain, think long, and never miss an angle. Establish your farm-area footprint by regularly and frequently meeting with, communicating with, and being helpful to all new and existing contacts.
• Your Just Listed and Just Sold postcards should include a fact or idea that will help potential sellers and buyers to learn something they will find valuable. Tell them they can learn even more by going to your website. You capture their contact details, and personalize all future contacts.
• Use social media in the same way as your postcards. Treat social media as electronic postcards. They are opportunities to attract, interest, convert and capture. Your contacts will learn to ask you questions and seek advice from you.
• Make your newsletter so interesting and useful that people keep it, pass it along to others, and look forward to the next issue.
• Use your newsletters to ask what your farm area wants to see more of and know more about. Those topics go into future newsletters, so you keep everyone focused on you, so when they are ready to make a move, you are their obvious choice.

strategy 3Strategy #3: Be Different

The Maverick Technique beats The Saturation Technique. People are not attracted to the Realtor who buries them in pointless, general marketing material, but they are attracted to the Realtor who is unique.Here are two examples:
• Flag etiquette says you cannot glue your business card to a flag and decorate the streets with them on Independence Day and Flag Day. What you can do is to intersperse flags with appropriately-designed balloons. You can print your contact details on those balloons. Most people will love the uniqueness of what you did, and some will respect the fact that you did not desecrate our flag with a business card. Have the local press photograph the lines of flags and balloons when they interview you.
• Run contests and campaigns. Everyone likes to win things. If they can’t win, themselves, they like to associate with those who did. Give gifts to the winners, and feature them in your newsletter, at the annual HOA meeting, and at the annual picnic.Focus your marketing on getting people to know, like, trust and respect you. The leads will flow in.

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