Top Trends In The Real Estate Industry In 2015

What’s trending for 2015 will inevitably affect the next two decades. It’s important for all real estate agents to stay on top of the trends and keep current on all the changes in order to stay relevant in the coming years.

real estate trends for 2015

From changes in housing to employment, agents should have a clear idea of what’s going on in society in order to continue or develop their brand. Whether you take online or night classes to stay current with the digital era, you have to be prepared for the future trends of 2015 and beyond.

What Is Trending for 2015:
Small town life is being blended with urbanization and is now delivering a new existence to places that were previously only sun-up to sun-down kind of towns. Based on recent reports, no more will it be popular or acceptable for the up-all-night coastal locations to be the only ones getting in on the action. Because of these developments, the Country is facing a surge of transplants to what were once only 9-5 cities. Downtown areas are transforming and combining the vital components of housing, shopping, restaurants, and around-the-block workplaces to produce metropolitan cores. This, along with other amenities, is spurring great developments and investment goings-on; boosting the quality of living for many off-the-map kinds of cities. Buyers are presented with many more markets to contemplate now that the 18-hour-towns are pulling off the gloves and emerging as big-city contenders.

Millennials Rule
The millennials, an even larger size grouping than their parents baby-boomers, are of the inclination to delay buying and opting to rent longer. These choices will enhance the apartment sector and yet affect the housing market. However, reports also suggest that for the next 20 years, the baby boomer generation will still control the market; providing boosts to newer developments of housing. A newer, even younger crowd, the Generation Z, will increase the need for condos and town homes, as these small-town cities continue to offer a day and night-life.

Real Estate & Technology Merge
The need for basic computer skills is out the window as we inch closer and closer to an all tech society. Now, real estate agents need to have advanced computer, SEO, smartphone, and many other social media training—just to stay in the game. This year alone has seen many new advances in the blending of real estate and technology, and the market doesn’t appear to be holding back or slowing down anytime soon. It’s crucial, now more than ever, that agents be up-to-date with their inner computer guru, and start stepping up to the technology plate for 2015.

Need For Branding
Competition is merciless, and in 2015, real estate ages have got to step up their efforts. The current byproduct doings in the real estate investment trust (REIT) segments demonstrate the trend that will continue throughout 2015. The motivation for effectiveness and value—combined with top-notch service and outstanding amenities will emerge as the key players for real estate agents this year.

It’s vital that agents be on their game; optimizing their websites, blogs, print marketing including business cards, and email campaigns, as well as social media efforts. While old-fashioned word of mouth will never cease, the need to be high-tech and ready for the future is here and now.

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