How to Use Real Estate Marketing Flyers Effectively

The livelihood of any real estate agent is to constantly generate new leads in order to gain more business. As an agent, do you realize that a great deal of time and effort could be saved by turning your current marketing materials into potential targeted leads? Keep reading to learn some simple ways to utilize marketing flyers to produce more buyer and seller real estate marketing leads.

real estate marketing flyers

The best way to go about turning a traditional real estate flyer into an effective lead-generating tool is to cleverly use a direct call of action that will potentially accomplish two key goals:

  • Create desire for further information
  • Provide clear instructions on how to take the “next steps” of action

Here are three proven techniques you can employ to market to and target specific types of leads. Test them and see which ones work best for you.

Buyer Intrigue
Offer a preview of a certain property but stop short of listing every detail. There are two primary pieces of data you should withhold in order to help you achieve more conversations with potential buyers. Follow these guidelines when creating your next real estate flyer:

  • Show 3 or 4 great photos that highlight the most desirable features about the property
  • Do not list the price

Because you’re omitting important details that buyers want to know about, you’ll inevitably leave them wanting more. Create an opportunity for engagement by adding a simple call to action that lets your prospects know how to get in touch with you. For instance, you could say “Awesome price! Text ‘ABC’ for complete details on the listing!” Once you get a text, follow-up by asking for their email address so you can send them more information concerning the property. In doing so, you’ve successfully captured a new lead’s email address and phone number, thereby facilitating a future follow-up.

Open House Tease
While homebuyers obviously go to open houses in search of their ideal home, neighbors will frequently pop-in out of curiosity just to see how other homes in the neighborhood compare to theirs, what they look like inside, and how much they’re selling for. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for them to pick up a real estate flyer to see what the price is listed at. If you need more leads, simply omit the listing price from your flyer and instead include a call to action that will not only give you an avenue to capture a lead’s phone number, but also provide you with a good reason to connect with them.

Inventory Mystery
Sometimes, a potential homebuyer shows interest in a certain property but some detail about it doesn’t seem right. Perhaps it doesn’t have granite countertops or updated kitchen appliances or it’s $12,000 over budget. In any case, you can effectively engage those potential buyers by promoting other property listings in a comparable price range with similar amenities and/or location and begin a conversation with your possible homebuyer lead by using a call to action that guarantees them access to properties like the one they’re most interested in. Any information regarding “coming soon” properties tends to inspire leads to take action, especially in low inventory markets.

By incorporating a clear call to action into your real estate marketing flyers, you’ll automatically simplify the process of capturing leads in addition to helping you obtain more future clients without spending any extra time or money. See which one of these methods works best for you, use it, and watch your business grow.

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