Using Instagram Real Estate Marketing for Success

instagram for real estate successA new day has dawned in the marketing realm, and if a company isn’t moving toward aggressive marketing programs on social media, they run the risk of being left behind. In 2013, the technology site Buffer Social did a survey about growing trends in social media, and the results were startling: between 2012 and 2013, the percentage of individuals aged 55-64 increased by 79%.

As of November of this year, more than 727 million Facebook users were accessing their accounts over their mobile devices only and 25% of smart phone users claim they were never without their devices (that number escalates to 90% for millennials). From a marketing standpoint, 93% of all marketers were using some form of social media for advertising. These numbers will only continue to get stronger.

Taking It to the Customers

The trends are clear: companies that will succeed are the one’s that understand their marketing efforts have to go where the customers are, and today, those customers are flocking to social media. The good news is that social media sites are working closely with marketers to set up guidelines and methodologies for reaching customers and maximizing exposure. With 25% of all Facebook users not opting to update their privacy settings, the ability to reach prospective customers is becoming increasingly easier.

Social Media Marketing for Real State

In the Real Estate industry, real estate marketers are finding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be very effective ways to canvas an area and spread marketing materials for properties in target markets. This works out well for prospective buyers who are able to find the listings they want without feeling harassed by a well-meaning but overly enthusiastic agent. The buyer can shop at their discretion and gather much of the information they need long before initiating contact with an actual agent. This saves time for both parties and makes the interaction process efficient.

Four Ways Instagram Makes the Real Estate Marketing Task Easier

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Just short of taking a client on a walk-through, using Instagram to share a visual presentation on a specific property is quickly becoming the next best thing. In fact, Instagram offers a Realtor the opportunity to respond to prospective buyers specific requests for additional visual information: you can simply go to the property and snap additional photos, or post previously captured images. This is a powerful tool real estate agents should strongly consider adding to their arsenal. In an effort to maximize the benefits from using Instagram, here are four tips real estate agents and marketers should consider.

  1. Combine Instagram With Other Social Media – On its own, Instagram has become an effective way to market all manner of goods and services. It’s easy to grasp how ideally suited it is for real estate marketing. When combined with other types of social media like Facebook business accounts or Twitter, the effectiveness of Instagram is increased 10-fold because all prospective client and business communications can be initiated and stored under one umbrella.
  2. Use It – If a real estate agent or marketing coordinator is going to take the time to utilize social media for business, the tools become more powerful and effective if they are used on a regular basis. The combined resources of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have the ability to give their users a platform for staying involved in the industry. That involvement can include connecting with home and land developers, other agents and brokers, and a customer base that is actively looking to buy.
  3. Close Up Pictures of Key Selling Features – All homes have unique selling features. With Instagram, a Realtor can take close-ups of these key features and instantly share them with a customer base that has included those features on their wish lists. Captions can be added to give the pictures a personal touch.
  4. Become a Professional Photographer – Many of the tools within Instagram are designed to turn amateur photographers into professionals. The ability to use angles, filters, and lighting features make it easy to capture attractive photos that represent your property in the best way possible. The days of needing fancy brochures shot by professional photographers are fading quickly.

The numbers speak for themselves. Real Estate agents and marketing coordinators who are currently using Instagram and other forms of social media are already establishing a foothold into the future of real estate selling. Social media users are setting the rules and the future success of most businesses is dependent on their ability to learn and use these tools to the fullest.

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