What is Real Estate Marketing?

The sole job of professional residential realtor is to market – and market well. Isn’t it ironic then, that there’s such a lack of creativity regarding how a typical realtor markets their own real estate business? How effective a realtor can market will literally determine whether they will make it or break it in the real estate industry.

Starting Out
The average real estate agent begins their career usually with a box of savvy real estate business cards and a handshake from a real estate broker who tells them to get out there and make some money. Indeed, the initial years in the real estate business are tough – regardless of who you are. There’s very little profit and virtually no training on how to actually run the business. Therefore, the majority of agents simply do what they see every other agent doing.

Most real estate agents fear alienating even just one prospect, and therefore won’t consider ‘thinking outside the box’ since it’s often scary and uncomfortable. In the end, most agents simply follow the leader and are happy to quietly sit in the other agent’s shadows.

Quiet Effectiveness: Do What Others Won’t
In today’s world, it takes more than talent in order to reach success in any business, but especially in the world of real estate. As an agent, ever consider getting outrageous and somewhat extreme? Surprisingly, there are many things an agent can do to set themselves apart from the pack – free and simple things that most agents simply won’t do.

It’s important to think differently and be willingly to go where no agent has gone before.

Take a look at what other agents are doing. What’s the one task that no one else in the area is doing? Great real estate agents do things that other ordinary agents won’t even consider. For example, several agents have open houses. While this is standard, a successful agent may choose to make their open house much more memorable in some extraordinary way. Also, most agents eventually get around to returning phone calls. But, a highly effective agent returns phone calls within an hour, which is quite rare. However, this is exactly the kind of marketing and business that sets great realtors apart from average realtors.

While these tactics may seem a bit tame, if they’re done consistently, they serve to work as effective word-of-mouth real estate marketing. The majority of agents (probably 99.9%) never return phone calls in less than an hour of receiving them.

Consistently make it a point to connect with potential buyers in a way that is most meaningful and convenient for them.

Don’t be a Typical Realtor
Want to get ahead in the real estate business? Delete these adjectives: average, ordinary, and typical. The most successful people are willing to challenge the status quo. Success requires not only the ability to question what others are doing, but the audacity to try new and different ideas to make business easier and more effective.

Real estate marketing is the essence of utilizing all the latest technology available such as targeted mailings, mobile apps and the Internet as well as being courageous enough to stand out from the crowd, avoiding the predictable safe route, and staying clear of average. The real estate business is all about discovering, innovating, and implementing new and creative ideas every day.

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