Why Experiential Real Estate Marketing Offers New Opportunities

Experiential marketing in real estate used to entail passing out fliers, t-shirts, or offerings to promote a brand. Nowadays, real estate companies can successfully and very easily convey experiences and feelings that do much more to promote their brand than customary Experiential marketing in real estate ever would, all with social networking and digital technology. We observe instances of this every single day retail outlets offering 10% off for a Facebook like, restaurants that suggest guests to take photos of their dishes with a particular hashtag, and so on. These types of tactics (and many more) enable customers to share experiences with their individual networks.

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Experiential marketing in real estate is a win-win for all associated. Everyone loves it as it causes them to feel as though they’re an integral part of something. Brands really like it since it’s no cost advertising. The most exciting part is; we’ve merely witnessed the beginning of the effect in which this brand new age of experiential marketing in real estate will present. Many people are utilizing their mobile devices (iPhones, tablets, and so forth.) for everything right from internet dating to purchasing to offering real estate business presentations. And so it’s only likely to continue to develop. Let’s take a much deeper look into precisely what actually makes this kind of marketing effective,

It links people. People need to be part of something. They desire to connect and look and feel involved, particularly with issues that they’re fascinated with. Up until recently, consumers haven’t had the opportunity to make significant connections with brands they help support. They purchased a product or service, loved it (or not), perhaps wrote a review, and then that was it. That’s no more the scenario.
Folks are becoming increasingly trusting.

Companies who once exploited their audience’s emails ruined the confidence of their audience for quite some time. However, brands have virtually woken up to the truth that irritating, spam emails will not achieve a thing.

Things are changing. Real Estate Agencies are becoming smarter regarding how they connect with consumers. And thus customers are noticing. They’re increasingly trusting and are becoming much more comfortable engaging with brands (as well as providing their information). People are now engaging with real estate companies in much more dynamic ways than ever in the past, generating a feeling of mutual trust in the brand and buyers and sellers have never really been there before. The client possesses all the influence – so the brand profits.

When individuals like (or don’t like) a thing, they don’t remain silent. They inform their friends, associates, and anyone that will listen. Social media causes it to be extremely simple and easy for people’s voices to be heard. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, etc. make sharing views (bad or good) simple and easily accessible. Even in those instances where a client is displeased and voice their anxieties on social media, real estate companies are able publicly to address those issues, likely earning forgiveness from the complainer as well as earning respect from every person who noticed it.

Real estate companies and individuals can only reap the benefits of engaging in experiential marketing. The ability to make your voice/opinion known is an enormous advantage in this day and time. And, those who do not join in will risk being overlooked or entirely forgotten.

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